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Our American chocolate department features famous American candy brands such as Charleston Chew, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Tootsie Roll and more. Enjoy browsing these iconic brands and figuring out which mouth watering selections to tempt your taste buds with!

More Chocolate
Baby Ruth Bar 59.5g

Baby Ruth bar is made of peanuts, caramel and a chocolate-flavoured nougat, all covered in milk choc..


Barton's Million Dollar Bar 12 x 56g

Barton's Million Dollar Bar is a creamy milk chocolate bar wrapped in the iconic design of a million..


Butterfinger Bar 59.5g

Butterfinger contains a crispy, crunchy, peanut butter-flavoured centre with a milk chocolate coveri..


Charleston Chew Chocolate 24 x 53g

Charleston Chew Chocolate consists of chewy flavoured nougat coated in a layer of milk chocolate.Eac..


Charleston Chew Strawberry 24 x 53g

Charleston Chew Strawberry  consists of strawberry flavoured nougat covered in a layer of milk ..


Charleston Chew Vanilla 24 x 53g

Charleston Chew Vanilla consists of a chewy vanilla flavoured nougat covered in a layer of milk choc..


Nestle Baby Ruth Bar 24 x 59g

Nestle Baby Ruth Bar contains a mouth watering mix of peanuts, nougat, caramel and chocolate.Each bo..


Nestle Butterfinger Bar 36 x 59g

Nestle Butterfinger Bar contains a crispy, crunchy peanut butter filling, enrobed in a layer of milk..


Payday Bar 24 x 52g

Payday Bar combining crunchy peanuts with silky caramel.Each box contains 24 x 52g bars...


Tootsie Roll 64g

The Tootsie Roll is an iconic American bar made of chewy, chocolate-flavoured caramel.  ..


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