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Airheads Blue Raspberry 16g

Airheads Blue Raspberry is a bar consisting of a flat strip of soft, chewy, blue raspberry flavoured..


Airheads Green Apple 16g

Airheads Green Apple is a bar consisting of a flat strip of soft, chewy, green apple flavoured ..


Airheads Orange 36 x 15g

Airheads Orange are chewy taffy bars flavoured with tangy orange taste.Each box contains 36 x 15g ba..


Airheads Strawberry 16g

Airheads Strawberry is a bar consisting of a flat strip of soft, chewy, strawberry flavoured ta..


Airheads Watermelon 16g

Airheads Watermelon is a bar consisting of a flat strip of soft, chewy, watermelon flavoured ta..


Bubblicious Grape 18 x 37g

Bubblicious Grape is a popular American bubblegum filled with juicy grape flavour. Each pack contain..


Bubblicious Strawberry 18 x 37g

Bubblicious Strawberry is a popular American bubblegum bursting with juicy strawberry flavour. Each ..


Bubblicious Watermelon 18 x 37g

Bubblicious Watermelon is a popular American bubblegum that is filled with juicy watermelon flavour...


Chewy Lemonheads Fiercely Citrus 24 x 22g

Chewy Lemonheads Fiercely Citrus contain chewy candy balls infused with zesty citrus flavours and en..


Cookie Dough Bites Chocolate Chip 88g

Cookie Dough Bites Chocolate Chip are made with real cookie dough and are egg free, safe to eat, and..


Dentyne Fire Spicy Cinnamon 9 x 24g

Dentyne Fire is a hot and spicy cinnamon flavoured gum, with each pack containing 16 pieces.Each box..


Ice Breakers Sours 42g

Ice Breakers Sours containing fresh, cool mints in assorted sour tangy flavours, including watermelo..


Ice Breakers Sours Berry 42g

Ice Breakers Sours Berry containing fresh, cool mints in assorted berry flavours, including cherry, ..


Mike & Ike Mega Mix 141g

Mike & Ike Mega Mix containing chewy candies in 10 assorted fruit flavours...


Mike & Ike Tropical Typhoon 141g

Mike & Ike Tropical Typhoon chewy candies in assorted tropical flavours, including, Paradis..


Mike And Ike Berry Blast 141g

Mike And Ike Berry Blast are fruit-flavoured, chewy candies similar to jelly beans. Flavours are blu..


Mike And Ike Original 141g

 Mike And Ike Original Theatre Box containing chewy fruit flavoured candies.  Alle..


Nestle Fun Dip 48 x 12g

Nestle Fun Dip contains a raspberry and apple flavoured dip with an edible candy stick.Each box cont..


Red Hots 24 x 22g

Red Hots contains fun hot mini candy balls in mini pocket sized packs.Each box contains 24 x 22g pac..


Red Vines Original Twists 141g

Red Vines Original Twists containing chewy, fat free, fruit flavoured candy twists...


Sather's Candy Corn 92g

Sather's Candy Corn made with real honey in a treat size bag ideal for snacking.    ..


Sour Patch Kids 141g

Sour Patch Kids consisting of all the original soft and chewy flavours of lime, lemon..


Sour Patch Kids Extreme 99g

Sour Patch Kids Extreme containing soft chewy candies in assorted fruit flavours covered in an extra..


Sour Patch Kids Original 816

Sour Patch Kids Original contains all the original flavours of the celebrated sour and chewy jelly m..


Sour Patch Kids Theatre Box 99g

Theatre size box of Original Sour Patch Kids sour jellies in assorted fruit flavours. Flavours ..


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