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Buy multi-coloured sweets from, Ireland's online sweet shop. Buy from the range of colourful sweets in our online sweet shop, including jelly babies, wine gums, dolly mixture and many more!

Haribo Jelly Babies: 375-Piece Tub

Haribo Jelly Babies containing soft chewy jellies in a resealable tub perfect for parties and occasi..


Maoam Stripes: 150-Piece Tub

Maoam Stripes containing miniature chew bars in a bulk size tub ideal for parties. Each tub conta..


Liquorice Torpedoes: 3kg Bag

Liquorice Torpedoes containing a liquorice centre covered in a hard candy shell. Each bag contain..


Trolli Jelly Snakes: 1kg Bag

Trolli Jelly Snakes containing long chewy jelly snakes in assorted fruit flavours - ideal for kids p..


UFO Sweets 500 Pieces UFO Sweets 500 Pieces



Nestle Smarties Tube 48 x 38g

Smarties sweets, consisting of a milk chocolate centre covered in a round, crunchy candy shell. E..

€34.55 €44.99

Caffrey's Special Mix 3kg

Caffrey's Special Mix containing assorted fruit flavour hard boiled sweets in a gift size jar. Ideal..


Fini Fizzy Rainbow Bricks: 250-Piece Tub

Fini Fizzy Rainbow Bricks containing fizzy fruity bricks with a sweet filling and packed i..


Fini Liquorice Lighters: 125-Piece Bag

Fini Liquorice Lighters containing a delicious mix of fruity liquorice rods, each filled with a..


Fini Tutti Frutti Dyna Stix: 120-Piece Tub

Fini Tutti Frutti Dyna Stix consisting of chewy fruit flavoured candy cables in a resealable tub tha..


Flying Saucer Sweets 300 Pieces Flying Saucer Sweets 300 Pieces

Flying Saucer Sweets by Frisia in a bulk size tub containing 300 saucer sweets.Flying Saucer Sw..


Swizzels Mini Me Sweets 3kg Swizzels Mini Me Sweets 3kg

Swizzels Mini Me Sweets in a bulk bag containing approx 350 chews..Swizzels Mini Me contains a mix o..


Fini Rainbow Rasta Ropes: 120-Piece Tub

Fini Rasta Ropes containing fruit flavoured fizzy liquorice ropes in a party size tub from Fini.Each..


Fruity Pops: 120-Piece Tub

Swizzels Matlow Fruity Pops containing fruit flavoured hard boiled lollipops in a party sized tub. A..


Fruity Pops: 3kg Bag

Swizzels Matlow Fruity Pops consisting of a bulk variety pack of fruit flavoured lollies, perfe..


Chocolate Beans: 3kg Bag

Chocolate Beans consisting of a milk chocolate centre, covered in assorted crunchy candy shells. Bul..


Red Band Giant Sour Tongues: 100-Piece Tub

Red Band Giant Sour Tongues  - enjoy sour licking fun with these giant sour tongues. Each tu..


Red Band Giant Sour Dummies: 100-Piece Tub

Red Band Giant Sour Dummies consisting of extra large portions of sour dumminess. Ideal for baby sho..


Red Band Giant Winegum Dummies 100 Pieces

Red Band Giant Winegum Dummies - delicious winegums shaped like giant dummies that are perfect for a..


Red Band Super Sour Briquettes: 200-Piece Tub

Red Band Super Sour Briquettes - fuel your sour cravings with these super sour briquettes. Each t..


Red Band Super Sour Chips: 100-Piece Tub

Red Band Super Sour Chips consisting of sour fizzy jellies, shaped like chips, in assorted flavours...


Giant Chocolate Jazzies: 3kg Box Giant Chocolate Jazzies: 3kg Box

Giant Chocolate Jazzies are large chocolate flavoured discs covered with hundreds and thousands. ..


Red Band Winegum Smiles: 150-Piece Tub

Red Band Winegum Smiles consisting of chewy fruit flavour wine gums in a party-size tub. Each tub..


Fruit Jellies: 3kg Bag

Fida Fruit Jellies containing an assortment of high quality tasting, soft, fruit flavour jellies - p..


Jelly Babies: 3kg Bag

Dusted Barratt Jelly Babies in a bulk bag ideal for candy buffets and parties. Each bag cont..


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