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Bazooka Candy

Buy sweets from Bazooka Candy Brands at, Ireland's largest online sweet shop. Buy Bazooka Candy Brands sweets including Big Baby Pop, Push Pop and many more...

Bazooka Candy
Big Baby Pop Assorted: 12-Piece Box

Unleash your inner baby with Big Baby Pop in assorted flavours of cola, strawberry, blackcurrant and..


Push Pop Assorted: 20-Piece Box

Original Push Pops in assorted flavours of blackcurrant, cola and strawberry. Each box weighs 0.3..


Juicy Drop Pop: 12-Piece Box

Deliciously flavoursome Juicy Drop Pops in assorted flavours. Each Juicy Drop Pop contains a lollipo..


Ring Pops Assorted: 24-Piece Box

Box of Ring Pops containing diamond ring shaped candy in blackcurrant flavour. Each box..


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