Sweet Shop Favourites: Love Heart Sweets

Love Hearts Mini Rolls – a popular sweet for weddings and parties…

A retro candy classic by Swizzels Matlow

Love Heart Sweets are a classic retro sweet consisting of fizzy, fruit flavoured dextrose discs, embossed with flirty love-themed messages and cheeky emojis. They are a much loved candy as they are guaranteed to woo and bewitch a wife, husband, lover or potential paramour.

A brief history…

Manufactured by Swizzels Matlow in Derbyshire, United Kingdom, Love Hearts sweets are a perennially popular treat first introduced in 1954 as a compressed fizzy tablet with an “I Love You” message on one side and sold as the contents of a gift cracker. Subsequently available in Giant Love Heart packets, these tasty retro sweets are ideal for sucking or chewing and pack a pleasing crunch. Love Hearts come in 6 different colours and flavours and messages include “Hot Lips”, “Call Me” and “Be Mine”.

The production process for Swizzels Love Hearts involves embossing messages and emojis with edible ink and remains a closely guarded secret to this day!

Sweet Shop Favourites: Swizzels Matlow Drumstick Lolly

Drumstick Lollies have been enjoyed for 60 over years. In 1957, Swizzels Matlow first launched one of their best loved products – the Drumstick Lolly. Consisting of a raspberry and milk flavoured chew on a stick, at the time it was the only chewy lolly available and the distinct chewy texture and dual flavours have made the Drumstick Lolly a firm favourite with sweet lovers for generations since.

Some of the reasons Drumsticks have remained so popular include the way the genius flavour combo of raspberry and milk complement each other so well, in addition to the size and the affordability of the lollipop. Swizzels have not been afraid to experiment with their classic lollipop and have recently introduced bubblegum flavour Drumsticks too!

In 2012 Swizzels Matlow launched a new product in the Drumstick line of sweets called “Drumstick Squashies” – maintaining the same flavours but selling it in a small sweet packet containing multiple foam-like sweets to create one of the most delicious jelly sweets on the market. We recommend them as ideal for munching on in the cinema!

We hope Swizzels continue to think of new ways to reboot one of our favourite childhood treats as there can never be too much Drumstick flavour in the world!

Top 10 Retro Sweets From The 80s & 90s

We all have our favourite sweets from back in the day – retro classics that not only tasted great but cost just a few pennies. Most of them are still available and taste as great as ever! With that, let us take a trip down memory lane to get re-acquainted with some old time favourites…

10. Stinger Bars 

Stinger Bars are actually available in two different versions: a small, tutti-frutti flavour, chew bar with a fizzy centre, and a larger lemon and lime flavour bar. The one we have the fondest memories of is the lemon and lime flavour bar, due to its extremely fizzy centre and a remarkably chewy texture that provides quite a workout separating each bite from the rest of the bar! A classic chew bar.

9. Big Time Bar 

Big Time Bar Planet Candy

Big Time Bars are one of the greats. Made by Caffrey’s Chocolates in Dublin, the success of the Big Time Bar is based upon a simple philosophy – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. The bar seems to have had the same yellow wrapper for an eternity, while the timeless recipe still consists of a rock hard, buttery, slab of toffee covered in a thin layer of milk chocolate. A national icon.

8. Candy Necklaces

In the 80s, Candy Necklaces were the only piece of jewellery it was acceptable for a young boy to own. Along with its companion, the candy watch, candy necklaces offered that winning combination of wearability and edibility – although usually we just skipped to the eating bit.

7. Black Jacks & Fruit Salads

Black Jack and Fruit Salad sweets have to be on this list, being a staple of another classic from the era – the 10p bag. Black Jacks, with their sweet, aniseed flavour – made liquorice palatable to non-liquorice lovers. Fruit Salads provided a cool contrast – bursting with orchard fruit flavour. Nothing compares to chew.

6. Flying Saucer Sweets


Flying Saucers or UFO sweets, as they are also known by, are believed to have gotten their name because they taste like something out of this world. A saucer-shaped wafer shell that can melt on the tongue or be chomped open to reveal the killer – fizzy, fruity sherbet dust. Too good.

5. Fizzy Cola Lollies

Barratt Fizzy Kola Lollies are a hard boiled classic – bursting with tongue tingling fizz and authentic cola flavour. We still get nostalgic for the days when you could get a free lolly if you found the number 7 on the inside of a wrapper.

4. Love Hearts

Love Hearts are another timeless sweet – as popular today as they have ever been. The idea behind love heart sweets is so simple yet complete genius – each crunchy, fizzy sweet is imprinted with a cheesy chat up line, romantic message or popular saying inside of a heart. A great retro sweet but also a great wedding sweet, particularly Love Heart Mini Rolls.

3. Wham Bars

One of the best selling sweets of the 80s, Wham Bars were an instant classic when launched. Immensely popular due to their chewiness and fizzy flavour, Wham bars most distinguishing feature are the flavoured sherbet bits sprinkled throughout the bar. The Wham bar has been the number one chew bar since it’s launch due to it’s great flavour and cheap price.

2. Refresher Chews

Refresher Chews-380x320

Swizzels’ Refreshers are another eternally popular retro sweet. The combination of lemon flavoured chew with a fizzy sherbet centre is just so darn refreshing! Don’t confuse these with the hard round refresher sweets by Barratt, which are not true refreshers in our eyes. No retro candy buffet is complete without refresher chews!

1. Barratt Milk Teeth

Milk Teeth 240 Pieces

Milk Teeth have to be our favourite retro sweet of all time! These vanilla and strawberry flavoured foam delights take their place as number one in our hearts due to the unique powdery layer that covers each sweet. The flavour oozes out of the foam falsies for extra longer thanks to this mysterious, powdery layer. Milk Teeth tick all the boxes – a 10p bag staple, great taste and goofy play potential! In our opinion – the undisputed king of retro sweets.

Toxic Waste Candy – Are You Up To The Challenge?



Toxic Waste Sour Candy

Toxic Waste is a brand of sour hard candy sold across the world, but particularly popular in Ireland, the UK, Canada and America. The brand is marketed by Candy Dynamics and the sweets are made in Pakistan, Mexico and Turkey.

Part of the enduring appeal of Toxic Waste is that it is sold in a distinctive yellow can that resembles a real miniature drum of hazardous waste. Each can is filled with five flavours of sour candy: apple, black cherry, watermelon, lemon and blue raspberry. The sweets have a notoriously sour coating that can be difficult to consume at first, but that sweetens a little after the initial tasting, before finishing of with a final sour flourish.


Toxic Waste Sour Smog Balls


Professor Sauernoggin

The brand features the character Mr. Toxie Head, a human mushroom cloud, and Professor Sauernoggin. They combine forces with the joint mission of stopping evil polluters from destroying the planet. This is to promote the anti-littering campaign that the brand supports.

Toxic Waste are famous for being associated with the “Sour Challenge”, whereby two or more people will compete to see who can finish their sour sweets the quickest – made extra difficult by the almost unbearably sour flavour of the sweets!

Toxic Waste sour candy – an enduring favourite among lovers of sour sweets and a sweet every candy fan should try at least once. Are you up to the challenge?


Click here to view our range of sour sweets!

Cadbury Creme Eggs – Classic Easter Candy


Cadbury Creme Eggs – rich creamy fondant encased in a milk chocolate shell.

With a rich, creamy yellow and white fondant centre and a thick shell of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, Cadbury Creme Eggs are one of the signature Easter-time treats!



These chocolate wonders are only available from the start of the year up until Easter Sunday – meaning there is a limited window of opportunity to stock up on one of the greatest confections ever invented!

Also available for a limited time are Cadbury Caramel Eggs – soft, luxuriant caramel encased in a Dairy Milk chocolate shell.


Love Hearts Sweets – A Groovy Candy Love!


Make Valentine’s Day special with Love Heart sweets…

With Valentine’s Day approaching, now is the perfect time to stock up on Love Hearts sweets – the ultimate in romance! Since their launch in the 1950s, a gift of Love Hearts has long been the deal breaker in winning the heart of a prospective new flame.

A crunchy fruit flavoured candy, once bitten, Love Hearts fizzle and dissolve in the mouth – leaving a delightful sherbet tinged aftertaste.


Be prepared – buy in bulk!

Each sweet is embossed with a cheesy chat up line or flirtatious comment, making a pack of Love Hearts the ideal gift with which to woo your sweetheart – in celebration of the most romantic day in the calendar year!


Steady on! Love Hearts feature flirtatious messages…

Love Hearts Mini Rolls are a variation of bigger pack we are most familair with and are ideal for giveaways and as wedding favour sweets, coming in pink and white coloured wrappers that fit in well with many wedding themes.

So wouldn’t you agree? With Love Hearts it can be – a groovy candy love?

Make your lover swoon! Seal the deal and give em’ your Heart(s)!


Click here to get Love Hearts sweets!

Sweet Shop Favourites: Cadbury Flake Bar

Cadbury Flake Bar

Cadbury Flake Bar

Think of Cadbury Flake and you might imagine a beautiful lady relaxing in a small boat, afloat on some remote and tranquil river. As the boat passes a clear, glistening waterfall, the lady peels open a Cadbury Flake wrapper and gently takes a bite, momentarily savouring it before blissfully wiping some chocolate crumbs from her lips.



The ultimate in chocolate indulgence

This trademark crumbly chocolate bar was discovered by chance in the 1920s when a Cadbury chocolatier noticed chocolate falling from moulds used for Dairy Milk bars and cooling into flaky ripples.

By the 1930s, Cadbury Flake had been developed and was being sold to ice cream sellers as a topping for soft serve vanilla ice cream cones – creating the classic 99 ice cream cone.


By 1959 the first Flake Girl appeared in an advert, redefining the perception of Cadbury Flake from an ice cream topper to a sensuous treat and the ultimate symbol of chocolate indulgence.

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