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Sweet Shop Favourites: Love Heart Sweets

Love Hearts Mini Rolls – a popular sweet for weddings and parties…

A retro candy classic by Swizzels Matlow

Love Heart Sweets are a classic retro sweet consisting of fizzy, fruit flavoured dextrose discs, embossed with flirty love-themed messages and cheeky emojis. They are a much loved candy

Sweet Shop Favourites: Swizzels Matlow Drumstick Lolly

Drumstick Lollies have been enjoyed for 60 over years. In 1957, Swizzels Matlow first launched one of their best loved products – the Drumstick Lolly. Consisting of a raspberry and milk flavoured chew on a stick, at the time it was the only chewy lolly available and the distinct chewy texture and dual flavours

Top 10 Retro Sweets From The 80s & 90s

We all have our favourite sweets from back in the day – retro classics that not only tasted great but cost just a few pennies. Most of them are still available and taste as great as ever! With that, let us take a trip down memory lane to get re-acquainted with some old time favourites…
10. Stinger

Toxic Waste Candy – Are You Up To The Challenge?


Toxic Waste is a brand of sour hard candy sold across the world, but particularly popular in Ireland, the UK, Canada and America. The brand is marketed by Candy Dynamics and the sweets are made in Pakistan, Mexico and Turkey.
Part of the enduring appeal of Toxic Waste is that it is sold

Cadbury Creme Eggs – Classic Easter Candy

With a rich, creamy yellow and white fondant centre and a thick shell of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, Cadbury Creme Eggs are one of the signature Easter-time treats!

These chocolate wonders are only available from the start of the year up until Easter Sunday – meaning there is a limited window of opportunity

Love Hearts Sweets – A Groovy Candy Love!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, now is the perfect time to stock up on Love Hearts sweets – the ultimate in romance! Since their launch in the 1950s, a gift of Love Hearts has long been the deal breaker in winning the heart of a prospective new flame.
A crunchy fruit flavoured candy, once bitten, Love

Sweet Shop Favourites: Cadbury Flake Bar

Think of Cadbury Flake and you might imagine a beautiful lady relaxing in a small boat, afloat on some remote and tranquil river. As the boat passes a clear, glistening waterfall, the lady peels open a Cadbury Flake wrapper and gently takes a bite, momentarily savouring it before blissfully wiping some chocolate crumbs from her

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