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Sweet Shop Favourites: Swizzels Matlow Drumstick Lolly

Drumstick Lollies have been enjoyed for 60 over years. In 1957, Swizzels Matlow first launched one of their best loved products – the Drumstick Lolly. Consisting of a raspberry and milk flavoured chew on a stick, at the time it was the only chewy lolly available and the distinct chewy texture and dual flavours

Top 10 Retro Sweets From The 80s & 90s

We all have our favourite sweets from back in the day – retro classics that not only tasted great but cost just a few pennies. Most of them are still available and taste as great as ever! With that, let us take a trip down memory lane to get re-acquainted with some old time favourites…
10. Stinger

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