Sweet Shop Favourites: Cadbury Flake Bar

Cadbury Flake Bar

Cadbury Flake Bar

Think of Cadbury Flake and you might imagine a beautiful lady relaxing in a small boat, afloat on some remote and tranquil river. As the boat passes a clear, glistening waterfall, the lady peels open a Cadbury Flake wrapper and gently takes a bite, momentarily savouring it before blissfully wiping some chocolate crumbs from her lips.



The ultimate in chocolate indulgence

This trademark crumbly chocolate bar was discovered by chance in the 1920s when a Cadbury chocolatier noticed chocolate falling from moulds used for Dairy Milk bars and cooling into flaky ripples.

By the 1930s, Cadbury Flake had been developed and was being sold to ice cream sellers as a topping for soft serve vanilla ice cream cones – creating the classic 99 ice cream cone.


By 1959 the first Flake Girl appeared in an advert, redefining the perception of Cadbury Flake from an ice cream topper to a sensuous treat and the ultimate symbol of chocolate indulgence.

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