Sweet Shop Favourites: Swizzels Matlow Drumstick Lolly

Drumstick Lollies have been enjoyed for 60 over years. In 1957, Swizzels Matlow first launched one of their best loved products – the Drumstick Lolly. Consisting of a raspberry and milk flavoured chew on a stick, at the time it was the only chewy lolly available and the distinct chewy texture and dual flavours have made the Drumstick Lolly a firm favourite with sweet lovers for generations since.

Some of the reasons Drumsticks have remained so popular include the way the genius flavour combo of raspberry and milk complement each other so well, in addition to the size and the affordability of the lollipop. Swizzels have not been afraid to experiment with their classic lollipop and have recently introduced bubblegum flavour Drumsticks too!

In 2012 Swizzels Matlow launched a new product in the Drumstick line of sweets called “Drumstick Squashies” – maintaining the same flavours but selling it in a small sweet packet containing multiple foam-like sweets to create one of the most delicious jelly sweets on the market. We recommend them as ideal for munching on in the cinema!

We hope Swizzels continue to think of new ways to reboot one of our favourite childhood treats as there can never be too much Drumstick flavour in the world!

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