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Buy blue colour sweets from, Ireland's largest online sweet shop. Blue colour sweets to match a blue colour scheme for a party, event or promotion.

Pop Rocks Cotton Candy 9g

Pop Rocks Cotton Candy containing cotton candy flavoured popping candy.   ..


Blue Balls: 130-Piece Tub

Blue Balls consisting of giant, chewy raspberry flavour bon bons in a resealable tub, ideal for snac..


Mini Blue Raspberry Bon Bons: 600-Piece Tub

Mini Blue Raspberry Bon Bons containing a soft, chewy centre covered in a sour raspberry dusted..


Light Blue Stripe Candy Bag: 100 Pack

Traditional light blue stripe candy bag that are ideal paper sweet bags for wedding candy buffets, s..


Refresher Sweets 3kg Bag Refresher Sweets 3kg Bag

Swizzels Refresher Sweets in a bulk bag containing approx 340 Refresher chews.. Refresher Sw..


Refresher Chews 144 x 8g Refresher Chews 144 x 8g



Blue Stripe Candy Bag: 100 Pack

Traditional Blue Stripe Candy Bags that are ideal for DIY wedding candy buffets, sweet tables and pa..


Bool's Raspberry Bon Bons 3kg Bag

Bool's Raspberry Bon Bons containing a chewy toffee centre, encased in a dusted raspberry candy shel..


Refresher Bar 60 x 27g Refresher Bar 60 x 27g

The original Refresher Chew Bar in a bulk box containing 60 individual bars.. Each Refresher Bar ..


Walkers Milk Chocolate Toffees: 2.5kg Bag

Walkers milk chocolate flavoured toffees in a large bag that is perfect for parties or for sharing. ..


Walkers Creamy English Toffees: 2.5kg Bag Walkers Creamy English Toffees: 2.5kg Bag

Walkers classic creamy toffee recipe in a large bag that is great for parties or for sharing. Eac..


Golf Balls: 45-Piece Box

Golf Balls contain a bubblegum centre with a hard candy shell. Each box contains 45 packets of gu..


King Regal Blue Raspberry Pencils: 120-Piece Tub

King Regal Blue Raspberry Pencils consisting of chewy raspberry flavoured liquorice pencil..


Wham Bar Original 50 x 25g Wham Bar Original 50 x 25g

Wham Bar box containing 50 original flavour chew bars..Original raspberry flavour Wham Bars are a th..


King Regal Sour Raspberry Belts: 200-Piece Box

King Regal Sour Raspberry Belts consisting of chewy raspberry flavoured liquorice belts, c..

€17.70 €19.66

Fini Raspberry Dyna Stix: 120-Piece Tub

Fini Raspberry Dyna Stix containing raspberry flavoured liquorice sticks in a party size tub. Eac..


Oatfield Eskimo Mints: 600-Piece Box

Oatfield Eskimo Mints in a catering box containing 600 individually wrapped mint sweets - ideal as a..


Lutti Bubblizz: 2kg Bag

Lutti Bubblizz containing bubblegum flavour jellies that are ideal for candy buffets, sweet tables, ..


Oatfield Eskimo Mints 15 x 150g

Oatfield Eskimo Mints in individual bags filled with fresh tasting, mint flavoured, hard boiled..


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