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Browse our selection of jellies, pencils and more from Pimlico Confectionery. Pimilco Confectionery focus on offering vegetarian and vegan friendly confectionery at affordable prices...

Pimlico Candy Floss 50g

Pimlico Candy Floss contains a deliciously soft, light and sticky, traditionally hand-spun sweet can..


Pimlico Fizzy Bears 450g

Pimlico Fizzy Bears containing bite size bear shaped jellies in a combination of strawberry, blackbe..


Pimlico Fizzy Fruit Punch 450g

Pimlico Fizzy Fruit Punch mix of strawberry, watermelon, cherry and tangerine flavoured sour je..


Pimlico Galactic Mix 450g

Pimlico Galactic Mix containing a delicious fruity mix of stawberry, blackberry, apple, orange, lemo..


Pimlico Jelly Animals 450g

Pimlico Jelly Animals containing jungle animal shaped jelly treats in a deliciously fruity combinati..


Pimlico Monstrous Fizzy Pencils 450g

Pimlico Monstrous Fizzy Pencils containing strawberry gummy candy with a delicious white centre..


Pimlico Monstrous Fizzy Strawberry Pencils 450g

Pimlico Monstrous Fizzy Strawberry Pencils containing strawberry flavoured candy pencils covered in ..


Pimlico Vegetarian Fruit Jellies 450g

Pimlico Vegetarian Fruit Jellies containing soft jellies in assorted flavours, and made with vegan i..


Pimlico Veggie Winegums 450g

Pimlico Veggie Winegums containing a selection of traditional winegum jellies in assorted fruit flav..


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