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Buy cola flavour sweets at, Ireland's largest online sweet shop. Choose from an assortment of cola flavour sweets, including jellies, lollipops, boiled sweets and more...

Haribo Cola Bottles: 375-Piece Tub

Haribo Happy Cola containing cola flavour jelly bottles in a resealable tub ideal for parties, ..


Haribo Giant Cola Bottles: 38-Piece Tub

Haribo Giant Cola Bottles containing large cola flavour jelly bottles in a party sized tub - perfect..


Haribo Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles: 38-Piece Tub

Haribo Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles containing extra large cola flavour jellies with a fizzy coating and..


Fini Cola Bottles: 250-Piece Bag

Fini Cola Bottles containing classic cola flavour jelly bottles bursting with great taste and c..


Cola Cubes 3kg Jar

Tilley's Cola Cubes - traditional cola flavoured boiled sweets in a bulk size bag ideal for candy bu..


Millions Cola: 12-Piece Box

Tiny, chewy cola flavour Millions sweets. Millions are made without any artificial colours and are v..


Red Band Giant Cola Dummies: 100-Piece Tub

Red Band Giant Cola Dummies containing large, cola flavoured dummies perfect for a baby shower or pa..


Cola Soothers Pack: 15-Piece Box

Look O Look Cola Soothers containing individual packs of cola dummies, ideal for parties, offices..


Cola Bottles: 3kg Bag

Classic Barratt Cola Bottles  in a bulk bag filled with chewy cola flavoured jellies, idea..


Fizzy Cola Bottles: 3kg Bag

Barratt Fizzy Cola Bottles in a bulk bag ideal for candy buffets and parties. Each bag contains 3..


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