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Brand: Nestle
Aero Bubbles Easter Egg 121g containing a milk chocolate Easter egg and Aero Bubble sweets...
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Brand: Cadbury
Cadbury Dairy Milk Mini Creme Eggs containing mini milk chocolate eggs filled with creamy vanilla fondant...
Ex Tax:€1.63
Walkers Eat A Yolk is a popular chocolate retro sweet.. containing milk chocolate creme eggs, that combine a milk chocolate shell with a soft vanilla fondant centre.Each box weighs 1.4kg and contains 140 eggs.  ..
Ex Tax:€16.25
Chocolate Speckled Mini Eggs: 3kg Bag
Out Of Stock
Chocolate Speckled Mini Eggs containing milk chocolate coated in a crunchy candy shell. Great for cake and cupcake decoration. Each bag contains 3kg of mini eggs...
Ex Tax:€25.20
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