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Hershey's Chocolate Miniatures 150g
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Brand: Hershey's
Hershey's Chocolate Miniatures containing treat size portions of Hershey's best selling candy bars, including Mr Goodbar, Hershey's Milk Chocolate, Hershey's Special Dark and Hershey's Krackel.  ..
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Brand: Hershey's
Hershey's Cookie & Creme Drops consisting of white chocolate candy discs containing cookie bits. Cookie & Creme Drops are completely shell-less meaning they do not melt in your hand - just in your mouth! ..
Ex Tax:€2.43
Brand: Hershey's
Hershey's Cookies and Creme candy bar containing Hershey's white chocolate mixed with delicious cookie bits...
Ex Tax:€1.22
Milk Duds 12 x 141g
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Brand: Hershey's
Milk Duds contain chewy rounds of caramel, covered in a layer of milk chocolate.Each box contains 12 x 141g packs...
Ex Tax:€20.32
Milk Duds 141g
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Brand: Hershey's
Milk Duds are soft, chewy balls of caramel covered in Hersheys milk chocolate...
Ex Tax:€2.02
Swedish Fish Assorted 99g
Reduced --578 %
Brand: Hershey's
Swedish Fish Assorted are a fat free candy containing soft and chewy fish-shaped jellies in a snack size pack. Flavours include pineapple, lemon and lime and lingonberry.Best before October 2021...
€20.00 €2.95
Ex Tax:€16.26
Swedish Fish Red 816g
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Brand: Hershey's
Swedish Fish Red is a bulk bag filled with the original logan berry flavoured chewy jelly fish...
Ex Tax:€9.75
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