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  • New Kit Kat Gold 27 x 41.5g

Kit Kat Gold 27 x 41.5g

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  • Brand: Nestle
  • Product Code: NEST99

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Kit Kat Gold 27 x 41.5g

Kit Kat Gold in a bulk box containing 27 x 41.5g bars..

Kit Kat Gold is a tempting limited edition bar by Nestle's most popular snack brand.

Taking the classic Kit Kat formula of a wafer and chocolate sandwich layered upon a milk chocolate base, Kit Kat Gold brings a unique twist to the party, by encasing the remainder of the snack with a caramelised chocolate coating, giving this new bar a luxury gold appearance.

  • Classic Kit Kat bar with a caramelised layer.
  • Made by Nestle.
  • Each box contains 27 bars.

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