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Baby Ruth Bar 59.5g

Baby Ruth bar is made of peanuts, caramel and a chocolate-flavoured nougat, all covered in milk choc..


Butterfinger Bar 59.5g

Butterfinger contains a crispy, crunchy, peanut butter-flavoured centre with a milk chocolate coveri..


Munchies Hanging Bag: 12-Piece Bag

Nestle Munchies in individual hanging bags, each filled with bite size pieces of biscuit, caram..


Yorkie Mansize Discs: 12-Piece Box

Yorkie Mansize Discs in individual hanging bags, each filled with bite size chocolate discs. ..


Yorkie Original Bar 3 Pack: 16-Piece Box

Multipacks of Nestle Yorkie Original bars with each bar containing extra large chunks of milk c..


Maltesers: 40-Piece Box

Mars Maltesers containing a round, malted honeycomb centre covered in milk chocolate. Each box we..


Munchies: 36-Piece Box

Nestle Munchies consisting of squares of soft, chewy caramel, biscuit and a delicious milk chocolate..


Rolos: 36-Piece Box

Nestle Rolos containing chewy caramel sweets, covered in milk chocolate. Each box weighs 1.9kg an..


Smarties: 48-Piece Box

Smarties sweets, consisting of a milk chocolate centre covered in a round, crunchy candy shell. E..


Aero Bubbly Milk Bars: 24-Piece Box

Nestle Aero chocolate bars containing pieces of bubbly plain milk chocolate that melt on the to..


Aero Bubbly Mint Bars: 24-Piece Box

Aero Mint Bubbly bars consisting of bubbly mint flavoured chocolate wrapped in a milk chocolate..


Kit Kat Standard: 48-Piece Box

Original Kit Kat bars with each bar consisting of four wafers covered in milk chocolate. Each box..


Kit Kat Chunky: 48-Piece Box

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky containing one large block of crispy wafers covered in milk chocolate. Each..


Lion Bar: 36-Piece Box

Nestle Lion Bars containing filled wafer, caramel and crisp cereal covered in milk chocolate. Eac..


Lion Bar Extra: 24-Piece Box

Lion Bar Extra containing bars filled with wafer, caramel and crisp and covered in milk chocolate. ..


Toffee Crisp: 24-Piece Box

The delicious combination of biscuit, crispy cereal and caramel all covered in chocolate makes Toffe..


Milkybar: 40-Piece Box

Nestle Milkybars containing a slab of creamy white chocolate that is made only with natural ingre..


Animal Bars: 60-Piece Box

The Animal Bar was launched in 1963 as a milk chocolate bar with a fun game on the inside of each wr..


Yorkie Milk Bar: 24-Piece Box

Bulk box of Nestle Yorkie bars with each bar containing extra large chunks of milk chocolate.  ..


Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit Bar: 36-Piece Box

Yorkie Raisin & Biscuits bars consisting of chunky milk chocolate, raisins and biscuit pieces. ..


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