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Novelty Candy

Our Novelty Candy range includes chocolate surprise eggs by Italian brands Zaini and Ferrero, candy novelties by Look O Look and toy candy lines by Xtreme. Look O Look candy is owned by Perfetti van Melle, one of the world's largest confectionery manufacturers, and are notable for their candy pizzas, which make a great gift item.

Novelty Candy
Brain Licker 12 x 50ml

Brain Licker is a candy drink in a tongue roller designed can. Flavours include strawberry and raspb..


Kinder Joy: 72-Piece Box

Kinder Joy is a candy made by Italian confectionery company Ferrero. It has plastic egg-shaped ..


Kinder Surprise Egg: 72-Piece Box

Kinder Surprise Egg consisting of a plastic egg with a fun, collectible toy inside and all covered i..


Lickedy Lips 12 x 60ml

Lickedy Lips is a tongue rolling candy novelty, containing a sour flavoured candy drink...


Look O Look Mini Candy Pizza 85g

Look O Look Mini Candy Pizza containing an assortment of tasty jelly sweet arranged into a fun, nove..


Toxic Waste Green 12 x 42g

Toxic Waste Green is a new ultra sour candy containing green themed flavours such as lime, kiwi, gre..


Toxic Waste Red 12 x 42g

Toxic Waste Red is an ultra sour candy containing bold red fruit flavours such as cherry and red app..


Trolli Gummi Pizza: 48-Piece Box Trolli Gummi Pizza: 48-Piece Box

Five slices of delicious gummi pizza by Trolli. Each box contains 48 pizzas and weighs 0.8kg &..


Trolli Mini Burger: 80-Piece Box

Trolli Mini Burgers are a great on-the-go snack and a healthier alternative to real burgers. ..


Xtreme Candy Necklaces: 70-Piece Box

Xtreme Candy Necklaces containing individually wrapped crunchy candy necklaces.Each box contains 70 ..


Xtreme Candy Watches: 70-Piece Tub

Xtreme Candy Watches containing individually wrapped candy timepieces.Each box contains 70 x 14g can..


Toxic Waste Yellow 12 x 42g Toxic Waste Yellow 12 x 42g

Toxic Waste Yellow drum filled with all the original assorted sour fruit flavoured sweets. Each b..


Big Baby Pop Assorted: 12-Piece Box

Unleash your inner baby with Big Baby Pop in assorted flavours of cola, strawberry, blackcurrant and..


Push Pop Assorted: 20-Piece Box

Original Push Pops in assorted flavours of blackcurrant, cola and strawberry. Each box weighs 0.3..


Edible Paper Money: 24-Piece Box

Edible Paper Money is one of our favourite forms of cash and tastes much better than real banknotes...


Juicy Drop Pop: 12-Piece Box

Deliciously flavoursome Juicy Drop Pops in assorted flavours. Each Juicy Drop Pop contains a lollipo..


Ring Pops Assorted: 24-Piece Box

Box of Ring Pops containing diamond ring shaped candy in blackcurrant flavour. Each box..


Candy Whistles: 60-Piece Tub

Party sized tub of ear bending Swizzels Matlow Candy Whistles that make for a fun retro sweet treat ..


Candy Burger 130g

Look O Look Candy Burger consisting of a realistic looking jelly burger that is made with a tasty se..


Giant Candy Pizza 435g Giant Candy Pizza 435g

Giant Candy Pizza containing a base of nine mini pizzas and a variety of jelly toppings including fr..


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