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Oatfield Colleen 2.5kg

Oatfield Colleen contains a mix of traditional toffees, eclairs, caramels and boiled sweets...


Oatfield Emeralds 2.5kg

Oatfield Emeralds are a traditional Irish caramel sweet wrapped in a layer of milk chocolate by one ..


Oatfield Eskimo Mints 2.5kg

Oatfield Eskimo Mints are traditional mint flavoured hard boiled sweets by one of Ireland's favourit..


Oatfield Glucose Barley 2.5kg

Oatfield Glucose Barley are barley flavoured hard boiled sweet with energy boosting glucose...


Oatfield Mint Humbugs 2.5kg

Oatfield Mint Humbugs are traditional boiled sweets infused with mint flavour...


Oatfield Eskimo Mints: 600-Piece Box

Oatfield Eskimo Mints in a catering box containing 600 individually wrapped mint sweets - ideal as a..


Oatfield Clove Drops Pack: 15-Piece Box

Oatfield Clove Drops in individual bags filled with traditional, clove flavoured, hard boiled s..


Oatfield Emeralds Pack: 15-Piece Box

Oatfield Emeralds in individual bags filled with delicious creamy toffees containing a hint of cocon..


Oatfield Eskimo Mints Pack: 15-Piece Box

Oatfield Eskimo Mints in individual bags filled with fresh tasting, mint flavoured, hard boiled..


Oatfield Glucose Barley Pack: 15-Piece Box

Oatfield Glucose Barley in individual bags filled with energy boosting, barley flavoured sweets.&nbs..


Oatfield Glucose Fruits Pack: 15-Piece Box

Oatfield Glucose Fruits in individual bags filled with energy boosting, fruit flavoured hard boiled ..


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