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Buy orange colour sweets from, Ireland's largest online sweet shop. Orange colour sweets to match a orange colour scheme for a party, event or promotion.
Fizzy Cola Pops: 200-Piece Tub

Fizzy Cola Pops containing classic fizzy cola lollipops in a bulk tub ideal for parties, g..


Marshmallow Orange Slices: 1kg Bag

Soft  and chewy Marshmallow Orange Slices in a bulk bag filled with orange flavoured mallows by..


Trolli Orange Slices 1kg

Trolli Orange Slices containing orange flavoured chewy jellies with a fizzy coating...


Orange Foil Wrapped Chocolate Hearts: 100-Piece Bag

Orange Foil Wrapped Chocolate Hearts consisting of solid Belgian milk chocolate hearts, individ..


Orange Stripe Candy Bag: 100 Pack

Traditional orange stripe candy bag that is ideal for DIY wedding candy buffets, sweet tables and pa..


Double Dip: 36-Piece Box Double Dip: 36-Piece Box

Each Swizzels Matlow Double Dip contains a swizzelstick and both orange and cherry flavoured fi..


Orange Plastic Sweet Scoop

Orange Plastic Sweet Scoops that are a must-have for filling candy bags at candy buffets, sweet tabl..


Oatfield Glucose Barley Pack: 15-Piece Box

Oatfield Glucose Barley in individual bags filled with energy boosting, barley flavoured sweets.&nbs..


Orange Mini Chocolate Hearts: 1kg Box

Orange Mini Chocolate Hearts consisting of solid milk chocolate covered in a crunchy orange can..


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