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Barratt, known also as Candyland, is a brand famous for producing some of the best loved nostalgia confectionery lines, including Wham Bars, Fizzy Cola Lollies, Black Jacks and Fruit Salad chews, Dip Dabs and many more.

Fruit Salad & Black Jack Mix: 3kg Bag

Barratt's Fruit Salad & Black Jack Mix featuring two classic retro sweets in an extra large..


Spogs: 3kg Bag

Barratt Spogs containing liquorice flavoured jellies in a pink and blue candy coating. Each bag c..


Barratt Milk Teeth: 240-Piece Box

The original powdery, vanilla and strawberry flavoured Milk Teeth by Barratt. Each box contains 2..


Barratt Dip Dab: 50-Piece Box

Barratt Dip Dab is an iconic retro sweet and contains a packet of fizzy sherbet dust and a flavoured..


Barratt Refreshers Roll: 48-Piece Box

Barratt Refresher Rolls containing individual rolls of fruit flavour fizzy sherbet sweets - another ..


Cola Bottles: 3kg Bag

Classic Barratt Cola Bottles  in a bulk bag filled with chewy cola flavoured jellies, idea..


Fizzy Cola Bottles: 3kg Bag

Barratt Fizzy Cola Bottles in a bulk bag ideal for candy buffets and parties. Each bag contains 3..


Foam Bananas: 2kg Bag

Barratt Foam Bananas consisting of chewy, banana shaped and banana flavoured foam sweets in a bulk-s..


Jelly Babies: 3kg Bag

Dusted Barratt Jelly Babies in a bulk bag ideal for candy buffets and parties. Each bag cont..


Jelly Beans: 3kg Bag

Assortment of Barratt Jelly Beans made with natural colours and flavours and rich in flavour and tex..


Dolly Mixture: 3kg Bag

Dolly Mixture containing soft fondant candies and jellies in assorted flavours. Each bag contains..


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