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Chupa Chups

Buy lollipops from Chupa Chups at, Ireland's largest online sweet shop. Buy Chupa Chup lollipops in bulk and in an assortment of different flavours...

Chupa Chups
Chupa Chups Best Of Cola, Milky & Fruit: 100-Piece Tub

Experience the best flavours of Chupa Chups. Flavours are apple, strawberry, cola, strawberry and cr..


Chupa Chups Fruit Lollipops: 100-Piece Tub

Chupa Chups Fruit Lollipops containing juicy fruit flavoured lollipops. Flavours are apple, strawber..


Chupa Chups Mix: 15-Piece Box

Look O Look Chupa Chups Mix with individual packs, each containing a mix of Chupa Chup lollipops. Id..


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