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Buy Nestle chocolate at, Ireland's largest online sweet shop. Choose from a selection of Nestle chocolate including Maltesers, Kit Kat, Aero, Smarties and many more...

Baby Ruth Bar 59.5g

Baby Ruth bar is made of peanuts, caramel and a chocolate-flavoured nougat, all covered in milk choc..


Butterfinger Bar 59.5g

Butterfinger contains a crispy, crunchy, peanut butter-flavoured centre with a milk chocolate coveri..


Kit Kat Chunky Duo 24 x 64g

Kit Kat Chunky Duo is an extra large version of a classic chunky Kit Kat chocolate wafers.Each box c..


Kit Kat Chunky Multipack 24 x 128g

Kit Kat Chunky Multipack, each multipack contains 4 individual Kit Kat Chunky chocolate and wafer ba..


Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter 24 x 42g

Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter consisting of chunky single finger Kit Kats combining wafer, chocolate ..

€19.99 €23.99

Kit Kat Chunky Salted Caramel 24 x 42g

Kit Kat Chunky Salted Caramel combines the classic taste of Kit Kat Original with salted caramel fud..


Kit Kat Senses Hazelnut 24 x 30g

Kit Kat Senses Hazelnut combines wafers, chocolate and a hazelnut and soft chocolate topping, all en..


Kit Kat Senses Salted Caramel 24 x 30g

Nestle Kit Kat Senses Salted Caramel combines wafers and chocolate with a salted caramel topping, al..


Milkybar Discs 8 x 103g

Milkybar Disc contains button shaped discs of creamy white chocolate.Each box contains 8 x 103g pack..


Milkybar Mix Ups 36 x 32g

Milkybar Mix Ups combine milk and white chocolate in 2 new and exciting combinations.Each box contai..


Nestle Aero Chocolate 15 x 100g

Nestle Aero Chocolate containing large sharing blocks of bubbly milk chocolate filling enrobed in a ..


Nestle Aero Chocolate Bubbles 8 x 102g

Nestle Aero Chocolate Bubbles containing milk chocolate balls with a bubbly texture.Each box contain..

€14.99 €18.99

Nestle Aero Mint Bubbles 8 X 102g

Nestle Aero Mint Bubbles containing peppermint flavoured chocolate balls with a bubbly texture.Each ..

€14.99 €18.99

Nestle Aero Peppermint 15 x 100g

Nestle Aero Peppermint bars consisting of sharing size blocks of bubbly peppermint enrobed in milk c..


Nestle After Eight 800g

Nestle After Eight catering size box, luxuriant containing mint chocolate thins...


Nestle Baby Ruth Bar 24 x 59g

Nestle Baby Ruth Bar contains a mouth watering mix of peanuts, nougat, caramel and chocolate.Each bo..


Nestle Butterfinger Bar 36 x 59g

Nestle Butterfinger Bar contains a crispy, crunchy peanut butter filling, enrobed in a layer of milk..


Nestle Crunch 16 x 100g

Nestle Crunch Bar combining milk chocolate with crispy rice pieces into a large sharing size bar.Eac..

€21.99 €25.99

Nestle Kit Kat Bites 10 x 104g

Nestle Kit Kat Bites containing miniature Kit Kat bars, each combining wafers and milk chocolate.Eac..


Nestle Mikybar Kid Bar 53 x 12g

Nestle Mikybar Kid Bar is a white chocolate bar that is a favourite of kids everywhere, made without..


Nestle Milkybar Large 12 x 100g

Nestle Milkybar Large consisting of a large tablet of white chocolate, with milk as the main ingredi..

€16.99 €18.99

Nestle Milkybar Pieces 60 x 12g

Nestle Milkybar Pieces contain small discs of creamy white chocolate in treat size packs.Each box co..


Nestle Munchies 8 x 104g

Nestle Munchies in individual hanging bags, each filled with bite size pieces of biscuit, caram..


Nestle Rolo Multipack 12 x 164g

Nestle Rolo Multipack with each multipack containing 4 individual packs of Rolo sweets.Each box cont..


Nestle Smarties 8 x 118g

Nestle Smarties containing milk chocolate discs encased in assorted candy shells.Each box contains 8..


Nestle Smarties Large Bar : 12-Piece Box

Nestle Smarties Large Bar combining a slab of creamy milk chocolate with Smarties sweets. Contains n..

€16.99 €19.99

Nestle Walnut Whip 36 x 30g

Nestle Walnut Whip is a whirl shaped cone of chocolate with a vanilla fondant centre, and topped wit..


Polo Mints Original 32 x 34g

Polo Mints Original are the classic mint with the hole in the original and best loved mint flavour.E..

€19.99 €22.99

Polo Mints Spearmint 32 x 33g

Polo Mints Spearmint are the classic mint with the hole in refreshing spearmint flavour.Each box con..

€19.99 €22.99

Rowntree's Fruit Gums 10 x 150g

Rowntree's Fruit Gums containing fruit flavoured gummy fruit shapes in sharing size bags.Each bag co..


Rowntree's Squishems 10 x 140g

Rowntree's Squishems containing filled, chewy jelly sweets in sharing size bags.Each box contains 10..


Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles 10 x 150g

Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles containing soft sugar coated pastille sweets in assorted fruit flavours.Ea..


Toffee Crisp Bites 8 x 107g

Toffee Crisp Bitesize in individual hanging bags, each filled with bite size pieces of crispy r..


Yorkie More 24 x 42g

Yorkie More is an exciting addition to our range of Yorkie bars, as it combines apple and cinnamon f..


Munchies: 36-Piece Box

Nestle Munchies consisting of squares of soft, chewy caramel, biscuit and a delicious milk chocolate..


Nestle Smarties Tube 48 x 38g

Smarties sweets, consisting of a milk chocolate centre covered in a round, crunchy candy shell. E..


Rolos: 36-Piece Box

Nestle Rolos containing chewy caramel sweets, covered in milk chocolate. Each box weighs 1.9kg an..


Aero Bubbly Milk Bars 24 x 36g

Nestle Aero chocolate bars containing pieces of bubbly plain milk chocolate that melt on the to..

€19.99 €21.99

Aero Bubbly Mint Bars 24 x 36g

Aero Mint Bubbly bars consisting of bubbly mint flavoured chocolate wrapped in a milk chocolate..

€19.99 €21.99

Kit Kat Standard: 24-Piece Box

Original Kit Kat bars with each bar consisting of four wafers covered in milk chocolate. Each box..

€19.99 €21.99

Kit Kat Chunky 24 x 40g

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky containing one large block of crispy wafers covered in milk chocolate. Each..


Lion Bar: 36-Piece Box

Nestle Lion Bars containing filled wafer, caramel and crisp cereal covered in milk chocolate. Eac..

€26.22 €31.99

Lion Bar Duo 28 x 64g

Lion Bar Extra containing bars filled with wafer, caramel and crisp and covered in milk chocolate. ..


Toffee Crisp: 24-Piece Box

The delicious combination of biscuit, crispy cereal and caramel all covered in chocolate makes Toffe..

€19.99 €24.99

Nestle Milkybar 40 x 25g

Nestle Milkybars containing a slab of creamy white chocolate that is made only with natural ingre..


Animal Bars: 60-Piece Box

The Animal Bar was launched in 1963 as a milk chocolate bar with a fun game on the inside of each wr..


Yorkie Milk Bar: 24-Piece Box

Bulk box of Nestle Yorkie bars with each bar containing extra large chunks of milk chocolate.  ..

€19.99 €24.99

Nestle Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit Bar 24 x 44g

Yorkie Raisin & Biscuits bars consisting of chunky milk chocolate, raisins and biscuit pieces. ..


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