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Skittles Chewies: 36-Piece Box

Skittles Chewies contain all the clasic flavours of Skiitles Fruits - minus the candy shell, creatin..


Skittles Crazy Sours 14 x 192g

Skittles Crazy Sours containing fruit flavoured sour chewy candies, covered in a sour coating.Each b..


Skittles Fruits 14 x 192g

Skittles Fruits containing chewy candies in assorted fruit flavours, packed in sharing size bags.Eac..


Skittles Fruits: 36-Piece Box

Skittles Fruits containing chewy fruit flavoured candies. Each box contains 36 x 55g packs...


Skittles Wild Berry 14 x 192g

Skittles Wild Berry containing the popular chewy candies in a cariety of forest fruit flavours.Each ..


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