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Buy sour flavour sweets at, Ireland's largest online sweet shop. Choose from a wide range of sour sweets, including, boiled sweets, jellies, lollipops and more...

Haribo Giant Sour Strawbs: 150-Piece Tub

Haribo Giant Sour Strawbs containing sour strawberry flavoured gummy candy in a party size tub perfe..


Haribo Giant Sour Suckers: 75-Piece Tub

Haribo Giant Sour Suckers containing giant super sour dummies in a resealable tub ideal for parties,..


Haribo Giant Suckers: 75-Piece Tub

Haribo Giant Suckers containing large jelly dummies in a party size tub. Each tub contains 75 gia..


Haribo Sour Cherries: 150-Piece Tub

Haribo Sour Cherries containing cherry flavour jellies covered in a sour coating and packaged in a r..


Jolly Rancher Fruit And Sour 184g

Jolly Rancher Fruit & Sour containing sour pieces of hard candy in assorted fruit flavours. ..


Maynards Sour Winegums 40 x 52g

Maynards Sour Winegums containing fruit flavoured winegums covered in a tangy sour coating.Each box ..


Sour Patch Kids 56g

The original soft and chewy Sour Patch Kids. Flavours are lime, lemon, orange and redberry. &..


Sour Patch Kids Theatre Box 99g

Theatre size box of Original Sour Patch Kids sour jellies in assorted fruit flavours. Flavours ..


Sour Patch Watermelon 141g

Sour Patch Watermelon containing sour watermelon shaped and flavoured jellies guaranteed to del..


Sour Patch Watermelon Theatre Box 99g

Sour Patch Watermelon theatre box containing the sour candy classic in watermelon flavour. ..


Trolli Sour Centipedes: 1kg Bag

Trolli Sour Centipedes sweets containing fizzy sour multi legged jellies in a bulk bag ideal for kid..


Trolli Sour Octopus: 1kg Bag

Trolli Sour Octopus consisting of sour jelly octopus shaped sweets in assorted fizzy fruit flavours...


Warheads Extreme Sour Hard Candy 28g

Warheads Extreme Sour Hard Candy containing fruit flavoured hard candies with an extremely sour coat..


Warheads Sour Chewy Cubes 70g

Warheads Sour Chewy Cubes are explosive tasting sour candy cubes. Flavours are green apple, blue ras..


American Sours Gift Hamper American Sours Gift Hamper

Our American Sours Gift Hamper is sure to delight those with a love of the sour stuff - contain..


Zappers Gum 30 x 35g

Zed Candy Zappers contain a bubblegum centre coated in a mega sour hard candy shell and come in asso..


King Regal Sour Strawberry Pencils: 120-Piece Tub

King Regal Sour Strawberry Pencils consisting of chewy strawberry flavoured liquorice penc..


King Regal Sour Strawberry Belts 200 Pieces

King Regal Sour Strawberry Belts consisting of chewy strawberry flavoured liquorice belts,..

€17.70 €19.66

Sour Apple Jawbreaker: 30-Piece Box

Sour Apple Jawbreakers are hard candy balls with a sour coating and a bubblegum centre. Each box ..


King Regal Sour Apple Belts: 200-Piece Box

King Regal Sour Apple Belts consisting of chewy apple flavoured liquorice belts,..

€17.70 €19.66

King Regal Sour Raspberry Belts: 200-Piece Box

King Regal Sour Raspberry Belts consisting of chewy raspberry flavoured liquorice belts, c..

€17.70 €19.66

Toxic Waste Yellow 12 x 42g Toxic Waste Yellow 12 x 42g

Toxic Waste Yellow drum filled with all the original assorted sour fruit flavoured sweets. Each b..


Red Band Giant Sour Tongues: 100-Piece Tub

Red Band Giant Sour Tongues  - enjoy sour licking fun with these giant sour tongues. Each tu..


Red Band Giant Sour Dummies: 100-Piece Tub

Red Band Giant Sour Dummies consisting of extra large portions of sour dumminess. Ideal for baby sho..


Red Band Super Sour Fido Dido: 100-Piece Tub

Red Band Super Sour Fido Dido consisting of extra sour gummies in Fido Dido shapes.  Each tu..


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