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Candy Creatures

Choose from a wide selection of animal and creature shaped jellies, mallows, chocolates and more - ideal for kid's and animal themed parties!

Candy Creatures
Haribo Freaky Fish: 150-Piece Tub

Haribo Freaky Fish containing fruit flavoured, fish-shaped jellies in a resealable tub ideal for tre..


Haribo Fruity Frogs: 375-Piece Tub

Haribo Fruity Frogs consisting of foam and jelly, frog shaped sweets in a party size tub. Ea..


Haribo Terrific Turtles: 375-Piece Tub

Haribo Terrific Turtles containing apple flavour, turtle shaped foam jellies in a resealable tu..


Haribo Yellow Bellies: 30-Piece Tub

Haribo Yellow Bellies containing large, fruit flavour, foam and jelly snakes in a resealable, party ..


Trolli Jelly Mice: 1kg Bag

Trolli Jelly Mice consisting of fruit flavoured gummi mice with a delicious foam texture. Perfect as..


Trolli Jelly Snakes: 1kg Bag

Trolli Jelly Snakes containing long chewy jelly snakes in assorted fruit flavours - ideal for kids p..


Trolli Sour Centipedes: 1kg Bag

Trolli Sour Centipedes sweets containing fizzy sour multi legged jellies in a bulk bag ideal for kid..


Trolli Sour Jelly Snakes: 1kg Bag

Trolli Sour Jelly Snakes consisting of long chewy gummy snakes with a fizzy sour coating. Ideal for ..


Trolli Sour Octopus: 1kg Bag

Trolli Sour Octopus consisting of sour jelly octopus shaped sweets in assorted fizzy fruit flavours...


Trolli Tarantula: 1kg Bag Trolli Tarantula: 1kg Bag

Trolli Gummy Tarantula containing chewy giant spiders in assorted flavours - all packaged&..


Trolli Gummy Cows: 1kg Bag

Trolli Gummy Cows containing delicous cow-shaped foam gummies in bulk bags that are ideal for kids p..


Fini Fizzy Worms: 250-Piece Bag

Fini Fizzy Worms containing classic fizzy worm shaped jellies bursting with fruity taste,&..

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Pigs Mugs: 120-Piece Tub

Swizzels Matlow Pigs Mugs are delicious pig-faced foam and jelly sweets. Perfect for parties, movie ..


Floppy The Dolphin: 35-Piece Tub

Classic Floppy The Dolphin sweets containing delicious dolphin shaped pink and yellow foam mallows. ..


Dipper The Dolphin: 25-Piece Tub

Dipper The Dolphin, containing pink and yellow dolphin-shaped mallows covered in a layer of mouth wa..


Jumbo Toffee Mice: 120-Piece Tub

Jumbo Toffee Mice containing hard toffee covered in milk chocolate in a party size tub. Each tub ..


Chocolate Pink And White Mice: 120-Piece Tub

Chocolate Pink and White Mice in a party sized tub. Great for parties, sharing and candy buffets. ..


Cadbury Freddo: 60-Piece Box

Cadbury Freddo chocolate frog mae with creamy Dairy Milk chocolate. Freddo was originally launc..


Chocolate White Mice: 3kg Box Chocolate White Mice: 3kg Box

Hannah's Chocolate White Mice consisting of chocolate flavoured white mice in a bulk box ideal for p..


Pink & White Mice: 3kg Box Pink & White Mice: 3kg Box

Strawberry and cream flavoured Pink & White Mice in a party size box, ideal for candy buffets, s..


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