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Buy orange colour sweets from, Ireland's largest online sweet shop. Orange colour sweets to match a orange colour scheme for a party, event or promotion.
Cadbury Crunchie Multipack: 10-Piece Box

Multipacks containing Cadbury Crunchie bars, each bar consisting of a golden honeycombed centre..

€14.99 €25.99

Chewits Orange: 40-Piece Box

Chewits Orange containing individual packs of orange flavour chews.Each box contains 40 x 30g packs...


Fizzy Cola Pops: 200-Piece Tub

Fizzy Cola Pops containing classic fizzy cola lollipops in a bulk tub ideal for parties, g..


Marshmallow Orange Slices: 1kg Bag

Soft  and chewy Marshmallow Orange Slices in a bulk bag filled with orange flavoured mallows by..


Oatfield Glucose Barley 2.5kg

Oatfield Glucose Barley are barley flavoured hard boiled sweet with energy boosting glucose...


Trolli Orange Slices 1kg

Trolli Orange Slices containing orange flavoured chewy jellies with a fizzy coating...


Orange Foil Wrapped Chocolate Hearts: 100-Piece Bag

Orange Foil Wrapped Chocolate Hearts consisting of solid Belgian milk chocolate hearts, individ..


Orange Stripe Candy Bag: 100 Pack

Traditional orange stripe candy bag that is ideal for DIY wedding candy buffets, sweet tables and pa..


Double Dip: 36-Piece Box Double Dip: 36-Piece Box

Each Swizzels Matlow Double Dip contains a swizzelstick and both orange and cherry flavoured fi..


Cadbury Crunchie: 48-Piece Box

Cadbury Crunchie bars containing a golden honeycombed centre surrounded by delicious Cadbury milk ch..


Orange Plastic Sweet Scoop

Orange Plastic Sweet Scoops that are a must-have for filling candy bags at candy buffets, sweet tabl..


Toffee Crisp: 24-Piece Box

The delicious combination of biscuit, crispy cereal and caramel all covered in chocolate makes Toffe..


Oatfield Glucose Barley Pack: 15-Piece Box

Oatfield Glucose Barley in individual bags filled with energy boosting, barley flavoured sweets.&nbs..


Orange Mini Chocolate Hearts: 1kg Box

Orange Mini Chocolate Hearts consisting of solid milk chocolate covered in a crunchy orange can..


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