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Swizzels Matlow

Bubblegum Drumstick Lolly: 36-Piece Box

Bubblegum Drumstick Lolly is a brand new bubblegum flavour of the classic, chewy Drum..


Love Hearts Mini Rolls: 3kg Bag

Swizzels Matlow Love Hearts Mini Rolls are a great party candy and perfect for making up party ..


Super Baby Bottle: 24-Pieces

Swizzels Matlow Super Baby Bottle consisting of a fizzy sherbet dip and fruit flavoured lollipop - a..


Swizzels Bubblegum Drumstick Squashies 12 x 145g

Swizzels Bubblegum Drumstick Squashies containing bubblegum flavoured chewy jelly sweets in individu..


Swizzels Drumstick Squashies 12 x 145g

Swizzels Drumstick Squashies containing raspberry and milk flavoured chewy jelly sweet in individual..


Swizzels Giant Mushrooms: 120-Piece Tub

Swizzels Matlow Giant Mushrooms containing chewy, foam, giant sized mushrooms...


Swizzels Giant Teeth & Brushes: 120-Piece Tub

Swizzels Giant Teeth & Brushes containing chewy foam candies in fun teeth and brush shapes...


Swizzels Loadsa Chews 12 x 135g

Swizzels Loadsa Chews consisting of individual bags, each filled with 14 chews, including Refreshers..


Swizzels Loadsa Lollies 12 x 135g

Swizzels Loadsa Lollies consisting of individual bags each filled with 14 lollipops including Drumst..


Swizzels Loadsa Sweets 12 x 135g

Swizzels Loadsa Sweets consisting of individual bags, each filled with 14 sweets, including Drumstic..


Swizzels Matlow Mini Sweet Mix: 3kg Bag

Swizzels Matlow Mini Sweet Mix consists of a bulk bag filled with a mixture of classic ret..


Swizzels Sour Apple & Cherry Squashies 12 x 145g

Swizzels Sour Apple & Cherry Squashies containing sour fruit flavoured chewy sweets in individua..


Swizzels Squashies Refreshers 12 x 145g

Swizzels Squashies Refreshers containing lemon flavoured chewy gummy sweets in individual sharing si..


Giant Love Hearts: 24-Piece Box

Swizzels Matlow Giant Love Hearts sweets containing fizzy fruity candies in a bulk box ideal fo..


Refreshers: 3kg Bag

Classic lemon flavoured Refresher chews by Swizzels Matlow, in a party size bag. Each bag co..


Refresher Chews: 144-Piece Box

Classic Swizzels Matlow Refresher Chews in a bulk box ideal for parties, occasions and sharing...


Refresher Bar: 60-Piece Box Refresher Bar: 60-Piece Box

The original Refresher Bar is a lemon flavour chew bar with a sherbet centre.  Each box cont..


Strawberry Refresher Bar: 60-Piece Box Strawberry Refresher Bar: 60-Piece Box

Strawberry flavoured version of the classic Refresher chew bar. Each box contains 60 bars and wei..


Stinger Bar: 60-Piece Box Stinger Bar: 60-Piece Box

Swizzels Matlow Stinger Bar is a tutti-frutti flavoured bar with a sherbet centre. Each box conta..


Squashies Drumsticks: 24-Piece Box Squashies Drumsticks: 24-Piece Box

Mini packets of Drumstick Lolly flavoured Squashies by Swizzels Matlow. Ideal for parties and treati..


Drumstick Bar: 60-Piece Box Drumstick Bar: 60-Piece Box

Swizzels Matlow Drumstick Bars consisting of delicious raspberry and milk flavoured chew bars i..


Fizzers: 3kg Bag

Swizzels Matlow Fizzers containing individual candy rolls filled with assorted fruit flavour, fizzy ..


Mini Me: 3kg Bag

Swizzels Matlow Mini Me bulk bag filled with miniature refresher bars, stinger bars, banana skids, d..


Drumstick Lollipop: 60-Piece Box Drumstick Lollipop: 60-Piece Box

Chunky Swizzels Matlow Drumstick Lollipops containing the double flavour of raspberry and milk ..


Drumstick Lollipop: 3kg Bag

Milk and raspberry flavoured chewy Drumstick Lollipops by Swizzels Matlow, in a bulk bag p..


Crystal Fruits: 3kg Bag

Swizzels Matlow Crystal Fruits containing fruit flavoured hard boiled sweets in a bulk bag ideal for..


Double Lollies: 120-Piece Tub

Classic Double Lollies by Swizzels Matlow containing chalky lollipops in an assortment of flavours. ..


Crystal Mints: 3kg Bag

Refreshing Swizzels Matlow Crystal Mints containing mint flavoured hard boiled sweets - ideal a..


Fruity Pops: 120-Piece Tub

Swizzels Matlow Fruity Pops containing fruit flavoured hard boiled lollipops in a party sized tub. A..


Fruity Pops: 3kg Bag

Swizzels Matlow Fruity Pops consisting of a bulk variety pack of fruit flavoured lollies, perfe..


Pigs Mugs: 120-Piece Tub

Swizzels Matlow Pigs Mugs are delicious pig-faced foam and jelly sweets. Perfect for parties, movie ..


Retro Variety Mix: 3kg Bag

Swizzels Matlow Variety Mix containing favourites such as double lollies, fizzers, drumstick lollies..


Double Dip: 36-Piece Box Double Dip: 36-Piece Box

Each Swizzels Matlow Double Dip contains a swizzelstick and both orange and cherry flavoured fi..


Love Hearts Dip: 36-Piece Box

Swizzels Matlow Love Hearts Dip containing candy floss flavoured sticks and three dips - orange spar..


Candy Whistles: 60-Piece Tub

Party sized tub of ear bending Swizzels Matlow Candy Whistles that make for a fun retro sweet treat ..


Love Hearts Lipsticks: 60-Piece Tub

Love Hearts flavoured candy lipstick from Swizzels Matlow. Each tub contains 60 lipsticks and wei..


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