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Liquorice Allsorts: 3kg Bag

Classic Liquorice Allsorts mixture that is great for candy buffets and parties. Each bag contains..


Liquorice Torpedoes: 3kg Bag

Liquorice Torpedoes containing a liquorice centre covered in a hard candy shell. Each bag contain..


Midget Gems: 3kg Bag

Chewy Midget Gems containing hard gums in assorted flavours and in a bulk bag ideal for candy buffet..


American Hard Gums: 3kg Bag

American Hard Gums are brightly coloured, dome shaped jellies that are explosively tasty! This bulk ..


Coconut Mushrooms: 3kg Bag

Coconut Mushrooms containing coconut shaped and flavoured jellies in a bulk bag suitable for candy b..


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