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Buy Trolli sweets at, Ireland's largest online sweet shop. Trolli gummy candy including gummy worms, gummy bears, sour worms, sour dummies and many more!

Trolli Bananas: 1kg Bag Trolli Bananas: 1kg Bag

Trolli Bananas containing chewy banana shaped jellies, coated in fizz and packed in a..


Trolli Gummi Pizza: 48-Piece Box Trolli Gummi Pizza: 48-Piece Box

Five slices of delicious gummi pizza by Trolli. Each box contains 48 pizzas and weighs 0.8kg &..


Trolli Jelly Snakes: 1kg Bag

Trolli Jelly Snakes containing long chewy jelly snakes in assorted fruit flavours - ideal for kids p..


Trolli Mini Burger: 80-Piece Box

Trolli Mini Burgers are a great on-the-go snack and a healthier alternative to real burgers. ..


Trolli Watermelon Slices: 1kg Bag

Trolli Watermelon Slices containing watermelon flavoured candy slices in a bulk bag t..


Trolli Apple Rings: 12-Piece Box

Classic Trolli Apple Rings consisting of chewy, foam, apple flavoured rings with a soft jelly toppin..


Trolli Gummy Octopus: 12-Piece Box

Trolli Gummy Octopus shaped jellies filled with fruit flavour - ideal for kids parties and treating!..


Trolli Pingummi: 12-Piece Box

Trolli Pingummi containing chewy foam penguin shaped jellies in a treating bag ideal for sharing and..


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