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Buy white colour sweets from, Ireland's largest online sweet shop. White colour sweets to match a white colour scheme for a party, event or promotion.
Golf Balls: 180-Piece Tub

Golf Balls are mint flavoured hard candy balls with a bubblegum centre. Each tub contains 180 pie..


Mini Toffee Bon Bons: 600-Piece Tub

Mini White Toffee Bon Bons containing a soft, chewy centre covered in a dusted candy shell. ..


Giant Love Hearts: 24-Piece Box

Swizzels Matlow Giant Love Hearts sweets containing fizzy fruity candies in a bulk box ideal fo..


Bool's Toffee Bon Bons: 3kg Bag

Bool's Toffee Bon Bons containing a soft, chewy toffee centre encased in a dusted candy shell. ..


Cadbury White Chocolate Buttons: 48-Piece Box

Cadbury White Chocolate Buttons containing small button-shaped discs of white Dairy Milk chocolate. ..

€31.99 €47.99

Caffrey's Clove Rock 3kg Jar Caffrey's Clove Rock 3kg Jar

Traditional Clove Rock hard boiled sweets by Caffrey's - in a bulk size jar ideal for candy buffets,..


Double Lollies: 120-Piece Tub

Classic Double Lollies by Swizzels Matlow containing chalky lollipops in an assortment of flavours. ..


Mint Imperials: 3kg Bag

Mint Imperials consisting of round, hard and crumbly mint sweets - ideal for candy buffets and sweet..


White Chocolate Skiffle Discs: 120-Piece Tub

White Chocolate Skiffle Discs consisting of white chocolate flavoured buttons covered in crunchy can..


Chocolate Fish And Chips: 120-Piece Tub

Classic fish and chip supper with a delightful twist - it's all made of chocolate! Hannah's Chocolat..


Chocolate Fish & Chips: 3kg Box Chocolate Fish & Chips: 3kg Box

Hannah's Chocolate Fish & Chips containing white chocolate flavoured fish and crinkle cut chips ..


Chocolate White Mice: 3kg Box Chocolate White Mice: 3kg Box

Hannah's Chocolate White Mice consisting of chocolate flavoured white mice in a bulk box ideal for p..


Giant White Chocolate Jazzies: 3kg Box Giant White Chocolate Jazzies: 3kg Box

Giant White Chocolate Jazzies containing large discs of white chocolate covered with hundreds and th..


Fini Pink & White Marshmallows: 600-Piece Bag

Soft and chewy Fini Pink and White Marshmallows in a bulk bag ideal for candy buffets, parties ..


White Mini Chocolate Hearts: 1kg Box

White Mini Chocolate Hearts consisting of solid milk chocolate covered in a crunchy white candy..


Mint Hearts: 1kg Bag

Mint Hearts consisting of crunchy, white heart-shaped mints that are ideal for use in wedding candy ..


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