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Buy chocolate from Mars at, Ireland's largest online sweet shop. Buy Mars chocolate including Mars Bars, Galaxy, Milky Way bars and many more...

Bounty Dark Chocolate Bar 24 x 57g

Bounty Dark Chocolate Bar contains a coconut flavoured filling enrobed in a layer of rich dark choco..


Galaxy Caramel Bar 24 x 135g

Galaxy Caramel Bar consisiting of a large block of milk chocolate with a soft smooth caramel centre...


Galaxy Minstrels 15 x 118g

Galaxy Minstrels containing milk chocolate discs covered in a crunchy candy shell.Each box contains ..


M&MS Chocolate 12 x 125g

M&MS Chocolate consisting of milk chocolate discs covered in assorted candy shells.Each box cont..


M&Ms Crispy 12 x 107g

M&Ms Crispy containing crispy crunchy balls covered in assorted candy shells.Each box contains 1..


M&Ms Peanut 12 x 125g

M&Ms Peanut containing delicious peanuts encased in assorted candy shells.Each box contains 12 x..


Malteser Bites 36 x 32g

Malteser Bites contain 36 x 32 packs of malted, chocolate coated ballsMalteser Bites are a chocolate..


Maltesers 13 x 93g

Maltesers sweets, containing crunchy malted balls covered in a layer of milk chocolate.Each box cont..


Maltesers Bites 9 x 96g

Maltesers Bites combine tasty milk chocolate with crunchy honeycomb pieces to create bite size delig..


Maltesers Teasers Bar 24 x 35g

Maltesers Teasers Bar consists of crunchy little Maltesers pieces floating in creamy milk chocolate...


Mars Bites 9 x 119g

Mars Bites combines chewy nougat with soft caramel, all enrobed in milk chocolate to create bite siz..


Mars Celebrations Easter Egg 248g

Mars Celebrations Easter Egg containing a hollow milk chocolate egg with a selection of Celebration ..


Mars Easter Egg 141g

Mars Easter Egg containing a milk chocolate egg and a full size Mars bar...


Mars Large Easter Egg 280g

Mars Large Easter Egg containing a large milk chocolate Easter egg and 2 full size Mars bars...


Mars M&Ms Easter Egg 268g

Mars M&Ms Easter Egg containing a hollow milk chocolate egg, 1 standard packet of peanut M&M..


Milky Way Crispy Roll 24 x 25g

Milky Way Crispy Roll combines a crispy roll with a soft vanilla flavoured creme filling, all encase..


Milkyway Magic Stars 12 x 91g

Milkyway Magic Stars star shaped nougat bites, covered in a layer of milk chocolate.Each box contain..


Revels 15 x 112g

Revels sweets by Mars, containing a mixture of Maltesers, Galaxy Counters, Minstrels, chocolate rais..


Snickers Bites 9 x 119g

Snickers Bites containing nougat, peanuts and caramel, enrobed in milk chocolate and delivered in bi..


Twix Bar 4 Pack: 24-Piece Box

Multipacks of Twix bars, each pack containing 4 bars consisting of 2 biscuit fingers, topped wi..


Twix Bites 9 x 123g

Twix Bites bring the magic taste of a Twix bar into bite size portions that combine crunchy biscuit,..


Twix Peanut Butter 47.6g

Twix Peanut Butter contains two chocolate cookie bars flavoured with peanut butter. ..


Chocolate M&Ms: 24-Piece Box

Chocolate M&Ms containing a milk chocolate centre covered in a crunchy candy shell. Each box ..


Crispy M&Ms: 24-Piece Box

Crispy M&Ms containing a crispy wafer centre covered in a crunchy candy shell. Each box conta..


Peanut M&Ms: 24-Piece Box

Peanut M&Ms containing crunchy peanuts covered in hard candy shells. Each box contains 24 x 4..


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