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Retro Sweets

Our Retro Sweet department features nostalgia brands such as Swizzels Matlow, Barratt and Caffreys. Swizzels Matlow are famous for producing classics such as Love Hearts, Refreshers and Drumsticks, while Barratt are reknowned for their powdery Milk Teeth, Fizzy Cola Lollies and more. Browse our full selection and rediscover the old classics!

Retro Sweets
Caffrey's Macaroon Bar: 56-Piece Box

Caffrey's Macaroon Bar - traditional Irish chocolate bar consisting of a slab of plain chocolat..


Caffrey's Mint Crisp Bar: 56-Piece Box

Caffrey's Mint Crisp Bar - traditional Irish chocolate bar consisting of a slab of plain chocol..


Caffreys Snowballs 36 x 30g
Caffreys Tea Cakes 36 x 30g

Caffreys Tea Cakes consisiting of a bulk box filled with foil wrapped tea cakes, each combining deli..


Flying Saucers: 500-Piece Tub

Classic Flying Saucer sweets in an extra large jar filled with UFO shaped wafers - each containing f..


Fruit Salad & Black Jack Mix: 3kg Bag

Barratt's Fruit Salad & Black Jack Mix featuring two classic retro sweets in an extra large..


Love Hearts Mini Rolls: 3kg Bag

Swizzels Matlow Love Hearts Mini Rolls are a great party candy and perfect for making up party ..


Rose Cream Pies: 24-Piece Box

Rose Cream Pies consisting of wafer shaped cups filled with soft fluffy cream, and topped with a thi..


Super Baby Bottle: 24-Pieces

Swizzels Matlow Super Baby Bottle consisting of a fizzy sherbet dip and fruit flavoured lollipop - a..


Swizzels Matlow Mini Sweet Mix: 3kg Bag

Swizzels Matlow Mini Sweet Mix consists of a bulk bag filled with a mixture of classic ret..


Tunnock's Tea Cakes 36 x 27g

Tunnock's Tea Cakes consisting of a buk box filled with foiled wrapped tea cakes that combine soft b..


Giant Love Hearts: 24-Piece Box

Swizzels Matlow Giant Love Hearts sweets containing fizzy fruity candies in a bulk box ideal fo..

€9.99 €10.49

Refreshers: 3kg Bag

Classic lemon flavoured Refresher chews by Swizzels Matlow, in a party size bag. Each bag co..


Refresher Chews: 144-Piece Box

Classic Swizzels Matlow Refresher Chews in a bulk box ideal for parties, occasions and sharing...


Refresher Bar: 60-Piece Box Refresher Bar: 60-Piece Box

The original Refresher Bar is a lemon flavour chew bar with a sherbet centre.  Each box cont..


Strawberry Refresher Bar: 60-Piece Box Strawberry Refresher Bar: 60-Piece Box

Strawberry flavoured version of the classic Refresher chew bar. Each box contains 60 bars and wei..


Stinger Bar: 60-Piece Box Stinger Bar: 60-Piece Box

Swizzels Matlow Stinger Bar is a tutti-frutti flavoured bar with a sherbet centre. Each box conta..


Wham Bar Original: 50-Piece Box Wham Bar Original: 50-Piece Box

Wham Bar containing super fizzy chew bars in the original flavour of raspberry. Each box con..


Drumstick Bar: 60-Piece Box Drumstick Bar: 60-Piece Box

Swizzels Matlow Drumstick Bars consisting of delicious raspberry and milk flavoured chew bars i..


Barratt Milk Teeth: 240-Piece Box

The original powdery, vanilla and strawberry flavoured Milk Teeth by Barratt. Each box contains 2..


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