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Red Colour Sweets

Brand: Haribo
Haribo Giant Strawbs containing strawberry flavoured jellies in a resealable tub ideal for treaing, snacking and parties. Each tub contains 100 giant strawbs and weighs 1kg...
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Brand: Crest
Red Foiled Milk Chocolate Heart consisting of Belgian milk chocolate hearts wrapped in red foil. Ideal for Valentine's Day giveaways and weddings.Contains approx 100 hearts.  ..
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Red Stripe Candy Bag 100 Pack
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Brand: Planet Candy
Traditional Red Stripe Candy Bags that are ideal for DIY wedding candy buffets, sweet tables and party favours.   Each bag measures 5" x 7" and is made from Kraft paper. Each pack contains 100 bags.  ..
Ex Tax:€4.06
Walkers toffee covered in plain chocolate in a large bag that is perfect for parties or for sharing. Each bag contains 2.5kg of toffees.   Gluten free.  ..
Ex Tax:€29.26
Brand: King Regal
King Regal Sour Strawberry Belts consisting of chewy strawberry flavoured liquorice belts, covered with a deliciously sour coating. Each tub contains 200 pieces...
Ex Tax:€16.25
Brand: Caffrey's
Traditional Clove Rock hard boiled sweets by Caffrey's - in a bulk size jar ideal for candy buffets, parties and gifting. Each tub contains 3kg of clove rock...
Ex Tax:€24.38
Cola Cubes - traditional cola flavoured boiled sweets in a bulk jar ideal for candy buffets, parties and gifting. Each jar contains 3kg of cola cubes...
Ex Tax:€35.76
Brand: Fini
Fini Strawberry Dyna Stix containing strawberry flavoured liquorice pencils in a party size tub. Each tub weighs 1.2kg and contains 120 pieces...
Ex Tax:€12.19
Brand: Red Band
Red Band Strawberries consisting of chewy, strawberry-shaped gummies. Each tub weighs 1.2kg and contains 150 pieces...
Ex Tax:€17.07
Brand: Look O Look
Look O Look Strawberry Stripes containing red sour stripes in strawberry flavour and made with natural colours. Each box weighs 1.8kg and contains 15 packs. Unit price = €2.00..
Ex Tax:€24.38
Brand: Look O Look
Bulk box containing 15 individual packs of Strawberry Laces by Look O Look. Strawberry Laces make a great tasting treat and are also very popular for decoration in baking. Each box weighs 1.8kg and contains 15 packs...
Ex Tax:€24.38
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