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White Colour Sweets

Brand: Zed Candy
Golf Balls are mint flavoured hard candy balls with a bubblegum centre. Each tub contains 180 pieces of gum and weighs 1.3kg  ..
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Swizzels Giant Love Hearts sweets in a bulk box containing 24 x 44g individual packets..Each packet is filled with fizzy fruity candies embossed with love themed messages. Manufactured by Swizzels Matlow in Derbyshire, United Kingdom, Giant Love Hearts sweets are a classic popular treat first introduced in 1954 as a compressed fizzy sweet with a love related message on one side. Now also available in Mini Roll packets, these tasty retro sweets are ideal for sucking or chewing and pack a pleasing crunch. Love Hearts come in 6 different colours and flavours and messages include "Hot Lips", "Call..
Ex Tax:€8.53
Brand: Verquin
Bool's Toffee Bon Bons containing a soft, chewy toffee centre encased in a dusted candy shell. Each bag contains 3kg of bon bons...
Ex Tax:€18.69
Brand: Cadbury
Cadbury White Chocolate Buttons containing small button-shaped discs of white Dairy Milk chocolate. Each box contains 60 x 14g packs.  ..
Ex Tax:€24.38
Brand: Caffrey's
Traditional Clove Rock hard boiled sweets by Caffrey's - in a bulk size jar ideal for candy buffets, parties and gifting. Each tub contains 3kg of clove rock...
Ex Tax:€24.38
Double Lollies: 120-Piece Tub
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Classic Double Lollies by Swizzels Matlow containing chalky lollipops in an assortment of flavours. No artificial coloursSuitable for vegetariansContains 120 x 8g lollipops  ..
Ex Tax:€13.00
Mint Imperials consisting of round, hard and crumbly mint sweets - ideal for candy buffets and sweet tables. Each bag contains 3kg of mint imperials...
Ex Tax:€19.50
Brand: Hannah's
White Chocolate Skiffle Discs consisting of white chocolate flavoured buttons covered in crunchy candy toppings. Comes in a resealable tub and is ideal for candy buffets, sweet bags and for munching on during a movie! Each tub weighs 1kg and contains 120 pieces...
Ex Tax:€5.68
Brand: Hannah's
Classic fish and chip supper with a delightful twist - it's all made of chocolate! Hannah's Chocolate Fish & Chips in a party size tub. Each tub contains 120 pieces of white chocolate and weighs 1.5kg..
Ex Tax:€10.56
Brand: Hannah's
Hannah's Chocolate Fish & Chips containing white chocolate flavoured fish and crinkle cut chips in a bulk box ideal for candy buffets and parties. Each box contains 3kg of chocolate flavoured fish and chips...
Ex Tax:€16.25
Brand: Hannah's
Hannah's Chocolate White Mice consisting of chocolate flavoured white mice in a bulk box ideal for parties and candy buffets. Each box contains 3kg of white mice...
Ex Tax:€16.25
Giant White Chocolate Jazzies: 3kg Box Giant White Chocolate Jazzies: 3kg Box
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Brand: Hannah's
Giant White Chocolate Jazzies containing large discs of white chocolate covered with hundreds and thousands. Each box contains 3kg of jazzies...
Ex Tax:€16.25
Brand: Fini
Soft and chewy Fini Pink and White Marshmallows in a bulk bag ideal for candy buffets, parties and baking. Each bag contains 600 pieces and weighs 1.1kg Gluten free...
Ex Tax:€12.19
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