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Big Bear Confectionery

Aniseed Balls 3kg

Aniseed Balls are hard, shiny, reddish balls similar to Gobstoppers but flavoured with aniseed oil t..


Chocolate Speckled Mini Eggs: 3kg Bag

Chocolate Speckled Mini Eggs containing milk chocolate coated in a crunchy candy shell. Great for ca..


Mint Imperials: 3kg Bag

Mint Imperials consisting of round, hard and crumbly mint sweets - ideal for candy buffets and sweet..


Chocolate Beans: 3kg Bag

Chocolate Beans consisting of a milk chocolate centre, covered in assorted crunchy candy shells. Bul..


Milk Chocolate Peanuts: 3kg Bag

Milk Chocolate Peanuts containing crunchy peanuts covered in delicious and creamy milk chocolate. ..


Milk Chocolate Raisins: 3kg Bag

Milk Chocolate Raisins in bulk, containing raisins covered in delicious and creamy milk chocola..


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