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Big Bear Confectionery

Big Bear Confectionery
Aniseed Balls 3kg
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Aniseed Balls are hard, shiny, reddish balls similar to Gobstoppers but flavoured with aniseed oil that provide long lasting aniseed flavour...
Ex Tax:€28.45
Chocolate Speckled Mini Eggs: 3kg Bag
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Chocolate Speckled Mini Eggs containing milk chocolate coated in a crunchy candy shell. Great for cake and cupcake decoration. Each bag contains 3kg of mini eggs...
Ex Tax:€25.20
Mint Imperials 3kg Bag
Out Of Stock
Mint Imperials consisting of round, hard and crumbly mint sweets - ideal for candy buffets and sweet tables. Each bag contains 3kg of mint imperials...
Ex Tax:€19.50
Chocolate Beans consisting of a milk chocolate centre, covered in assorted crunchy candy shells. Bulk bag, ideal for candy buffets, parties, events and baking. Each bag contains 3kg of chocolate beans...
Ex Tax:€24.38
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