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Brand: Barratt
Flumps sweets are a tasty marshmallow by Barratt..Each Flump sweet consists of pink and yellow marshmallow twisted together to form a delicious chewy snack.Flumps are part of the Barratt range of confectionery that also includes favourites such as Dip Dabs, Wham Bars, Chewy Nougat and Refreshers.Made with natural colours and flavours.Bulk box containing 50 x 20g Flump marshmallows.Manufactured in Spain.See above for ingredient and nutritional information...
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Blizz Pink & White Mini Marshmallows are ideal for hot chocolates or as a baking ingredient...
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Haribo Chamallows 12 x 140g
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Brand: Haribo
Haribo Chamallows containing 12 x 140g, each filled with pink and white fluffy marshmallows...
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Brand: Haribo
Haribo Chamallows containing fluffy white marshmallows, ideal for treating and cooking...
Ex Tax:€12.19
Brand: Haribo
Haribo Pink & White Mini Chamallows is a party size bag filled with mini mallows that are ideal for baking and treating.Each bag contains 1kg of mini marshmallows...
Ex Tax:€10.56
Brand: Planet Candy
Mini Pink & White Marshmallows ideal for use in baking or as a hot chocolate topping or as a treat in itself.Each bag contains circa 1kg of mini marshmallows...
Ex Tax:€17.88
Brand: Barratt
Princess Mallows  contain soft and chewy pink and white marshmallows in a sharing size bag.Each box contains 12 x 150g bags...
Ex Tax:€11.37
Brand: Fini
Soft and chewy Fini Pink and White Marshmallows in a bulk bag ideal for candy buffets, parties and baking. Each bag contains 600 pieces and weighs 1.1kg Gluten free...
Ex Tax:€12.19
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