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Frequently Asked Questions 
Where do you get your products from?
We source locally and also import our candy.
How fresh is your candy?
Our candy products are generally have quite long best before dates and even longer expiry dates.. However, we ensure our lead times are efficient so as to deliver the freshest candy possible. 
I'm not sure if I will like a particular sweet. Can you send me a sample?
Sorry, we do not send out samples.
Why is your American candy more expensive than other products?
Our range of American candy is imported and so the cost of shipping and import duty is built into the price. If we did not do this, we would not be able to offer these products. However, we make sure our American products are priced fairly and competitively.
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs vary according to location. See our delivery section for a breakdown of shipping costs.
I live outside Ireland and the UK, why is shipping more expensive?
Unfortunately, shipping to countries in mainland Europe and to the USA is more expensive due to the greater distance the products must travel and also due to the weight of the products. Candy and soda can weigh quite heavy when ordered in large amounts.
Can I order over the phone?
Absolutely. Ring +353 (21) 4847746 to place your order over the phone.
Can I order candy and collect it myself?
At present, we do not offer collection from our warehouse.
What is the minimum order at Planet Candy?
There is no minimum order at Planet Candy. 
Why do you need my phone number?
We need your phone number in case we need to contact you regarding your order (for example, in case we are short a particular item and can suggest a replacement).
Why do you need my email address?
Likewise, we need your email address in case we need to contact you regarding your order.
Do you exchange candy?
To protect our customers health and safety, we do not accept exchanges on candy.
Do you have a store I can browse and shop in?
No - Planet Candy operates as an online store only and our full range of products is available at
Do you eat candy all day?
We eat candy strictly for the purpose of gaining product knowledge. We like to know our products inside out!