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Bassetts Winegums 12 x 130g

Bassetts Winegums containing individual sharing size bags, each filled with a mix of classic winegum..

€15.99 €19.99

Cadbury Bitsa Wispa: 10-Piece Box

Cadbury Bitsa Wispa in individual hanging bags, each filled with bite size pieces of Wispa choc..

€19.99 €33.99

Cadbury Boost Bites: 10-Piece Box

Cadbury Boost Bites in individual hanging bags, each containing bite size pieces of Boost - car..

€19.99 €33.99

Cadbury Chocolate Fingers: 20-Piece Box

Cadbury Chocolate Fingers containing delicious crisp biscuits coated with milk chocolate.Each box co..

€26.00 €34.99

Cadbury Crunchie Multipack: 10-Piece Box

Multipacks containing Cadbury Crunchie bars, each bar consisting of a golden honeycombed centre..

€14.99 €25.99

Cadbury Curly Wurly Squirlies: 10-Piece Box

Cadbury Curly Wurly Squirlies containing Curly Wurly pieces, each consisiting of twisted caramel enr..

€19.99 €33.99

Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons: 28-Piece Box

Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons containing smooth chocolatey discs in treat size packs. Each box conta..

€21.99 €29.99

Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Multipack: 15-Piece Box

Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Multipacks, each containing 4 x 148g bars. Cadbury Dairy Milk Carame..

€22.50 €37.99

Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons: 10-Piece Box

Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons in individual hanging bags containing giant milk chocolate but..

€19.99 €33.99

-27% New
Cadbury Dairy Milk Little Bar 60 x 18g

Cadbury Dairy Milk Little Bar containing small portion sized bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.Ea..

€32.99 €44.99

Cadbury Dairy Milk Plain Multipack: 14-Piece Box

Cadbury Dairy Milk Plain Multipacks, each containing 4 delicious Dairy Milk chocolate bars by Cadbur..

€20.99 €34.99

Cadbury Double Decker Multipack: 8-Piece Box

Multipacks containing Cadbury Double Decker bars, each bar containing layers of crispy cereal and ..

€11.99 €21.99

Cadbury Eclairs: 7-Piece Box

Cadbury Eclairs in individual hanging bags, each containing wrapped toffees with chocolate cent..

€15.99 €19.99

Cadbury Flake Multipack: 20-Piece Box

Cadbury Flake Multipacks, each containing 4 x 20g bars, each consisting of crumbly, flakey milk choc..

€29.99 €49.99

Cadbury Mixed Buttons: 10-Piece Box

Cadbury Mixed Buttons combines Dairy Milk chocolate buttons and creamy white chocolate buttons to pr..

€19.99 €33.99

Cadbury Oreo Bites: 10-Pieces

Cadbury Oreo Bites consisting of Oreo pieces wrapped in milk chocolate.Each box contains 10 x 110g p..

€19.99 €33.99

Cadbury Picnic Multipack: 10-Piece Box

Multipacks containing Cadbury Picnic bars, each bar consisting of crispy wafer and chewy carame..

€14.99 €26.99

Cadbury Twirl Bites: 10-Piece Box

Cadbury Twirl Bites containing individual bags, each filled with Twirl Bites - a crumbly chocol..

€19.99 €33.99

Cadbury Wispa Multipack: 11-Piece Box

Multipacks containing Cadbury Wispa, each bar consisting of velvety-textured milk chocolate.Eac..

€16.49 €29.99

Doritos Cool Original Large: 19-Piece Box

Doritos Cool Original are crunchy tortilla chips garnished with cool ranch flavour in extra large ba..

€40.99 €49.99

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