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Jacob's Chocolate Kimberley: 20-Piece Box

Jacob's Chocolate Kimberley containing chocolate coated crumbly biscuits, each with a soft mallow ce..


Jacob's Club Milk: 60-Piece Box

Jacob's Club Milk is a chocolate coated, crunchy, biscuit sandwich with a chocolate filling.Contains..


Jacob's Cream Crackers 24 x 200g

Jacob's Cream Crackers are a classic crispy cracker, baked with the finest ingredients and are del..

€29.99 €39.99

Jacob's Digestive: 24-Piece Box

Jacob's Digestive biscuits are delicious crumbly plain biscuits that go well with tea or coffee.Each..


Jacob's Fig Rolls: 24-Piece Box

Jacob's Fig Rolls consisting of a fig paste rolled in a crunchy biscuit.Each box contains 24 x ..


Jacob's Ginger Nut: 24-Piece Box

Jacob's Ginger Nut is another classic tea dunking biscuit and is also very good for an upset tummy.E..


Jacob's Kimberley: 18-Piece Box

Jacob's Kimberley containing ginger biscuits with a sugar sprinkled mallow centre.Each box contains ..


Jacob's Lincoln: 24-Piece Box

Jacob's Lincoln is a delicious shortcake biscuit that is ideal for tea dunking.Each box contains 24 ..

€29.99 €50.00

Jacob's Marietta: 24-Piece Box

Marietta is a classic plain tea-dunking biscuit by Jacob's.Each box contains 24 x 200g packs...

€29.99 €55.00

Jacob's Mikado: 18-Piece Box

Jacob's Mikado is a famous Irish biscuit consisting of coconut covered marshmallow with a jam centre..


Jacob's Polo: 24-Piece Box

Jacob's Polo containing traditional golden coconut biscuits - ideal for munching.Each box contains 2..

€29.99 €55.00

Jacob's Rich Tea: 20-Piece Box

Jacob's Rich Tea is a classic tea biscuit that also tastes lovely with a bit of butter spread across..


Jacob's Tuc Crackers 24 x 100g

Tasty Jacob's Original Tuc Crackers are the ideal light snack and taste delicious with a wide variet..

€24.99 €41.99

Silvermints: 36-Piece Box

First created in the 1920s by Jacob Fruitfield, Silvermints are crunchy chalky peppermint flavoured ..


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