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Brand: Lutti
Spaghetti Gum consisting of pieces of tutti frutti flavoured spaghetti gum. Each box contains 24 packets of gum and weighs 0.8kg..
Ex Tax:€12.19
Brand: Lutti
Roll Up containing tutti frutti flavoured tubs of rolled up gum, perfect for children's parties. Each box contains 24 tubes and weighs 0.7kg  ..
Ex Tax:€17.07
Brand: Lutti
Tubble Gum containing tutti frutti flavoured tube of bubblegum. Each box contains 36 tubes of gum and weighs 1.3kg  ..
Ex Tax:€26.01
Lutti Bubblizz: 2kg Bag
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Brand: Lutti
Lutti Bubblizz containing bubblegum flavour jellies that are ideal for candy buffets, sweet tables, party favours and for snacking on. Each bag weighs 2kg and contains 280 pieces...
Ex Tax:€13.00
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