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Mada Sweet

Xtreme Baby Sucker Lollipop & Powder: 12-Piece Box

Xtreme novelty candy containing baby sucker shaped lollipops and a dipping powder.Each box contains ..


Xtreme Big Dipper Squeeze: 12-Piece Box

Xtreme Big Dipper Squeeze consisting of fruit flavoured lollipops and dips. Flavours include apple, ..


Xtreme Candy Necklaces: 70-Piece Box

Xtreme Candy Necklaces containing individually wrapped crunchy candy necklaces.Each box contains 70 ..


Xtreme Candy Watches: 70-Piece Tub

Xtreme Candy Watches containing individually wrapped candy timepieces.Each box contains 70 x 14g can..


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