Toxic Waste is a brand of sour hard candy sold across the world, but particularly popular in Ireland, the UK, Canada and America..

The brand is marketed by Candy Dynamics and the sweets are made in Pakistan, Mexico and Turkey.

Part of the enduring appeal of Toxic Waste is that it is sold in a distinctive yellow can that resembles a real miniature drum of hazardous waste. Each can is filled with five flavours of sour candy: apple, black cherry, watermelon, lemon and blue raspberry. The sweets have a notoriously sour coating that can be difficult to consume at first, but that sweetens a little after the initial tasting, before finishing of with a final sour flourish.

The brand features the character Mr. Toxie Head, a human mushroom cloud, and Professor Sauernoggin. They combine forces with the joint mission of stopping evil polluters from destroying the planet. This is to promote the anti-littering campaign that the brand supports.

Toxic Waste are famous for being associated with the "Sour Challenge"

The Sour Challenge is where 2 or more people will compete to see who can finish their sour sweets the quickest - made extra difficult by the almost unbearably sour flavour of the sweets!

Toxic Waste sour candy - an enduring favourite among lovers of sour sweets and a sweet every candy fan should try at least once. Are you up to the challenge?