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Golden Wonder Onion Rings: 20-Piece Box

Golden Wonder Onion Rings containing 20 x 45g packs, each containing onion flavoured crispy snack ri..


Tayto Cheese & Onion Crisps: 60-Piece Box

Tayto Cheese & Onion Crisps are reknowned for being the crisp that changed snacking forever. In ..

€41.99 €49.99

Tayto Chickatees: 48-Piece Box

Tayto Chickatees containing chicken flavoured puffy style snacks that are ideal for parties or ..


Tayto Chipsticks: 60-Piece Box

Tayto Chipsticks containing crunchy crisps shaped like french fries and flavoured with classic salt ..

€39.99 €49.99

Tayto Hot Lips: 24-Piece Box

Formerly marketed as Perri Hot Lips, but now sold under the Tayto brand, Tayto Hot Lips are a popula..


Tayto Jonnie Onion Rings: 50-Piece Box

Tayto Jonnie Onion Rings are the ideal treat for onion lovers - containing crispy onion and potato f..

€34.49 €39.99

Tayto Mighty Munch: 50-Piece Box

Tayto Mighty Munch are hot and spicy flavoured snacks in fun, crunchy monster related shapes. ..

€34.49 €39.99

Tayto Onion Rings: 24-Piece Box

Formerly Perri, Tayto Onion Rings are crispy ring shaped snacks, made with fried onion flavour. E..


Tayto Salt & Vinegar Crisps: 60-Piece Box

Tayto Salt & Vinegar Crisps are the original salt and vinegar flavoured flat crisp. Often copied..

€41.99 €49.99

Tayto Smokey Bacon Crisps: 60-Piece Box

Tayto Smokey Bacon Crisps containing 60 x 37g packs of crispy, smokey bacon flavoured potato crisps...


Tayto Snax: 50-Piece Box

Tayto Snax are light and puffy cheese and onion flavoured crisps and are the ideal on-the-go snack o..

€34.49 €41.99

Tayto Spicy Rings: 24-Piece Box

Formerly Perri, Tayto Spicy Rings are crispy ring shaped snacks, made with spicy flavouring. Each..


Tayto Thai Rings: 24-Piece Box

Formerly Perri, Tayto Thai Rings are crispy ring shaped snacks, made with oriental spice flavouring...


Tayto Waffles: 50-Piece Box

Tayto Waffles are bacon flavoured round waffle snacks that leave a deliciously savoury aftertaste th..

€37.99 €46.99

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