A retro candy classic by Swizzels Matlow

Love Heart Sweets are a classic retro sweet consisting of fizzy, fruit flavoured dextrose discs, embossed with flirty love-themed messages and cheeky emojis. They are a much loved candy as they are guaranteed to woo and bewitch a wife, husband, lover or potential paramour.

A brief history…

Manufactured by Swizzels Matlow in Derbyshire, United Kingdom, Love Hearts sweets are a perennially popular treat first introduced in 1954 as a compressed fizzy tablet with an “I Love You” message on one side and sold as the contents of a gift cracker. Subsequently available in Giant Love Heart packets, these tasty retro sweets are ideal for sucking or chewing and pack a pleasing crunch. Love Hearts come in 6 different colours and flavours and messages include “Hot Lips”, “Call Me” and “Be Mine”.

The production process for Swizzels Love Hearts involves embossing messages and emojis with edible ink and remains a closely guarded secret to this day!